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Prospect Mountain

What They Are about

Prospect Mountain is one of Lake George Region’s iconic landmarks. This beautiful mountain, located in the foothills of the Adirondacks, has a 2030 foot summit with magnificent panoramic views of Lake George & Adirondack Region. It is very popular among tourists, locals, and hikers because of its 100 mile view at the peak, and anyone can either hike or drive up to the top. The views are so spectacular & breathtaking, one must not leave Lake George before going to Prospect Mountain, it’s so unbelievably amazing!

Our Notes 

  • Drive up to the summit on the Veteran’s Memorial Highway, built and dedicated in 1969 in honor of America’s War Veterans. 

  • Along this very enjoyable 5.5 mile drive up, stop at three breathtaking scenic overlooks.

Prospect Mountain

Lake George, New York

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