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Hive to Home Honey

Purple Bee Farm

What They Are about

Welcome to Purple Bee Farm!

The honey bees at Purple Bee Farm forage in their surrounding woodlands, fields and meadows providing the source for Purple Bee Farm’s handcrafted premium wildflower honey.

The keepers of the bees, Barb and Stu Armstrong, have great respect for their bees, their environment, and their honey that’s always 100% unheated, unpasteurized, unfiltered and unprocessed - preserving all the natural health benefits and nutrients. If you've never had their honey, you’re in for a real treat.

Why buy local honey? The answer is that 76 percent of honey sold in American supermarkets is not even close to pure honey.  It contains very little of the real product once fillers like water, sweeteners, and potentially harmful chemicals are mixed in removing the nutrients that make real, raw and pure honey so healthy and delicious. Your body, your mind and your taste buds will immediately appreciate the difference.

Like appreciating different wine varietals, you’ll experience variations in their pure honey based on the time of the honey harvest.  Their summer honey is beautifully sweet, light and fruity with a fresh aroma combining flavors from various flowers, while their fall honey is more robust with floral notes from asters and goldenrod. The “polyfloral” taste, aroma and flavors from wildflower honey will vary from season to season depending upon which flowers are most abundant when bees are foraging.

Bee Healthy and Bee Happy with Purple Bee Farm Honey!

Our Notes 

  • Raw, unfiltered, unheated natural honey

  • Beautifully light and sweet

  • Finishes with an explosion of flowers

  • We promise you've never had honey this good

Purple Bee Farm

Clinton Corners, New York

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