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Experience railroads like never before! Rail Explorers USA have expanded to Phoenicia, New York and created a Catskills division. Just 90 miles north of New York City, visitors can ride “The River Run” and ride the railroad tracks right alongside Esopus Creek from the village of Phoenicia. Riders have the opportunity to discover the picturesque woods of the Catskill Mountains. The new tracks are opening Memorial Day Weekend of this year.

So, what is a Rail Explorer? A Rail Explorer is a pedal-powered bike that rides directly on railroad tracks. With 4 steel wheels, it’s easy to pedal along the mostly flat ground for a relaxing and enjoyable ride through the woods. Also without a steering wheel, riders can relish in a hands-free experience, making it photograph friendly for the beautiful sights. As safety is the company’s number one priority, there are certain measures in place to ensure the best adventure. Tours have trained guides at the front and back of every group in addition to keeping all bikes 500ft apart, allowing guests to ride at their own pace. Rail Explorers are for all ages, old and young of all abilities.

The Rail Explorers Catskill division is an 8 mile trip with electric pedals, so guests must allow 2 hours for each tour. There are two bike options for riders to choose from. The Tandem Explorer allows two riders at a time to take on the tracks. These explorers cost $42.50 a person, totaling to $85 to fill the bike. The Quad Explorer, otherwise known as the “Cadillac” of their bikes, holds up to 4 riders. This explorer costs $37.50 a person, adding up to $150 for the entire bike. Tickets can be bought online for the Catskills experience.

Rail Explorers

70 Lower High Street

Phoenicia, New York

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