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Rhinebeck Farmers Market

What They Are about

Rhinebeck Farmer’s Market offers the bounty and harvest from Hudson Valley farms, natural product businesses, wineries, and distilleries, to showcase a wide variety of the freshest ingredients. You’ll find grass fed meats, free range chicken and poultry, organic fruits and vegetables from area farms and orchards, and local eggs and dairy products. There are bakers selling pastries, pies and artisanal bread with tempting fresh-baked aromas.


You can also peruse the market for prepared foods – everything from micro batch fruit and vegetable sorbet popsicles to pate; from homemade pickles to homemade pasta and everything in between. The wineries, breweries, and distilleries that are so plentiful in the area also sell their wares, as do an eclectic offering of items like beeswax candles, naturally dyed wools, handcrafted wood benches, and cutting boards, and much more.

Stroll the stalls and tables and select from this bountiful array. It’s all an enjoyable part of life in the Hudson Valley.

The market is located in the Municipal Parking Lot, Rhinebeck, NY.

Our Notes 

  • Make sure to grab a falafel

  • A great assortment of farms to choose from

  • A wonderful Fish Vendor

  • Live entertainment and activity for children 

Rhinebeck Farmers Market

61 E Market Street

Rhinebeck, New York

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