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River Gallery

What They Are about

River Gallery-The Art of Living was created in 2005 when Barry and Tony decided it was time to make some changes from their life in Manhattan. It was time to redirect some energy into new endeavors. They have created an eclectic environment of diverse and quality product: working with local artists, Asian and American antiques, and gifts for the home. The selections are unique and displayed in varied vignettes to stimulate the customer to envision the items in a proper setting with a high degree of control over product placement. As they often say, the store is "antique style for modern living". A variety of product are offered at a variety of prices, something for everyone:  great art and antique selections, gifts for the home, hand-crafted jewelry, reclaimed wood and horn products, soaps and body products from Provence, cooking essentials from Florence, lovely choice of scented candles, local jams, salsas, organic honey, and lounge-styled CD's. Custom framing and painting restorations are also available. Barry and Tony hope that visitors will come visit and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of their store. A day in the country does so much for the spirit.

Our Notes 

  • River operates on a non-traditional, carefully-constructed platform for local and international artists. Its primary shape is a physical gallery with artist-specific programming. In Los Angeles, River produces solo shows to streamline the artist-gallery working dynamic. This model creates a much-needed space for mentorship in a transparent, honest, and familial incubator-style environment for artists in the program. It also empowers artists to present developed bodies of work. The gallery champions artists who exude positive values personally and professionally.

  • As an alternative space, River contributes to the current arts dialogue in Los Angeles as it rapidly evolves. The platform will aim to support art and culture via alternative and traditional programming. Inspired by nature, River will carve out its own path.

River Gallery

8 Main St

Narrowsburg, New York

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