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Locally Designed • Beauty

River Mint Finery

What They Are about

At River Mint Finery, we draw inspiration from the beauty of historic river towns and with that inspiration comes an element of calm, textural minimalism that is reflected in our store design and product assortment. Customers walk in and are in awe of the simplistic beauty of the space, the unusually wonderful scents, easy to wear apparel, and intricately handmade jewelry. River Mint Finery is infused with a heritage of women past and present. When we consider what River Mint Finery is, we think first of the women around us. Strong, loving women, more admired and spirited as they grew older. How they express themselves, today and tomorrow

Our Notes 

  • Co-owners Kat Hammill and Cindy Joffe are full of artistic passion and bring positive light to the Hudson Valley. When in Kingston, River Mint Finery is a must stop. 

River Mint Finery

270 Fair St

Kingston, New York

(845) 481-5060


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