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Artisan Craft Spirits

Rock Valley Spirits

What They Are about

Our family has been in Rock Valley for five generations and now are restoring and converting our 1860's barn into a Farm Distillery specializing in hand crafted spirits using traditional methods. All of our spirits are made from locally sourced ingredients.
There is an old red barn set against a backdrop of bluestone where we make small batch hand crafted spirits from locally sourced ingredients. Like many of our neighbors and relatives "on the hill", we do most things the old fashioned way, homegrown, made from scratch. It might not be the easiest way to do things, but then, the joy is in the work.

Our Notes 

  • Five generations ago our family settled in a remote corner of Delaware County in the western Catskill mountains called Rock Valley.

Rock Valley Spirits

1430 John Milk Rd

Long Eddy, New York

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