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Rosette's Mix

What They Are about

ROSETTE’S originated as my husband was beginning his 150lb weight loss journey. I realized how difficult it can be for people to cut out sweets when making a lifestyle change, even when they know it’s not good for them. Seeing the effects of sugar and processed carbs on my husband, children and family members made it clear that there is a real need for better desserts in the market. Thus, ROSETTE’S was born. Partnering with my sister, Natalie, who is gluten intolerant, we had one goal in mind–to show people how baking for yourself or for others can be made simple, clean and delicious without being mutually exclusive. ROSETTE’S offers baking mixes that are keto-friendly, low-carb, sugar & gluten-free. We thoughtfully crafted each mix to help satisfy sweet and savory cravings without the use of flour, sugar and mystery ingredients often found in traditional baking mixes. Why baking mixes instead of ready to eat treats? We believe there is something special about baking with or for others and creating memories in the process. No matter what health journey you’re on, ROSETTE’S is here to support you.

Our Notes 

  • Simple and delicious low-carb baking mixes

  • Sugar and gluten-free

  • Simple, fun and delicious

  • Order online today

Rosette's Mix

New York, New York

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