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Local Quaility Clothing

Seven Circles Clothing Co.

What They Are about

Seven Circles Clothing Co. is an emerging clothing brand based out of New Paltz, NY, offering the true essence of Hudson Valley roots infused with unisex streetwear apparel.  Intriguing colorways and designs compliment concepts derived from aesthetics found within natural patterns, sacred geometry, and forms of duality. This brand was created with the intention to provide quality apparel that highlights the beautiful, yet sublime relationship that connects you with the natural world. Our apparel is stitched and sewn in W.R.A.P. (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) factories, shipped from California & screen printed/embroidered locally in Upstate New York. Seven Circles Clothing Co. is intended for individuals that appreciate art, nature, music, design, and fashion - who believe in manifesting their own reality and truth. Spreading positivity and creativity is imperative to our mission, and if you have to wear clothing- it might as well radiate love and higher frequencies. A circle represents a path that is never-ending, a journey that all forms of life encompass. We are all perfectly imperfect, constantly developing into the best versions of ourselves. From a single strand of DNA to the structures of galaxies in space, everything is interconnected. Seven Circles Clothing Co. - The fabric that weaves our reality together.

Our Notes 

  • Local HV clothing company

  • Unisex streetwear

  • Beautifully made and designed

  • Inspired by nature, art, music, and sacred geometry

Seven Circles Clothing Co.

New Paltz, New York


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