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Ship to Shore

What They Are about

Ship to Shore has been a staple to local diners since 1998 and with the turn of each new season, Ship to Shore introduces a new menu, cocktail list, and wine list. We believe that consistent change while maintaining a strong commitment to our original vision of simplicity allows us to keep growing our brand. We offer new and exciting promotions through our social media outlets (Facebook, Instagram, and our new website) and continue to add to our already evolving menus. Ship to Shore is always bustling with a steady stream of new customers taking advantage of the bounty of the Hudson Valley and it’s a place we would like all of the people who step through our doors to consider as “home”.

Our Notes 

  • Samir Hrichi is the Chef/Owner of Ship to Shore Restaurant located on the Historic Waterfront in Kingston, NY. 

  • Samir, a first-generation American, was born in NYC to parents of Latvian and Moroccan descent.

  •  The influence of both cultures led Samir to incorporate exotic flavor profiles within his various culinary ventures, and ultimately his own restaurant. Relocating to the Hudson Valley further encouraged Samir’s interest to combine simple, down-to-earth food with subtle modern twists.

Ship to Shore

15 W Strand St

Kingston, New York

(845) 334-8887

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