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What They Are about

SILVIA reflects our vision of connecting food and people with back to basic cooking that is honest and  sustainable. Our open kitchen with a wood fired grill and organic vegetable-centric pantry, reflect our commitment to locally sourced ingredients. After undergoing a huge renovation, Silvia is one of the most newly updated restaurats in the region. Dine outdoors under the deck's pergola or experience the hip vibes inside. Comfy leather and velvet booths line the walls beneath colorful collages of framed artwork. The center of the dining area is lined with long, elegant teak benches and lovely marble tabletops. The open kitchen lets you watch the culinary magicians at work as you wait for your meal. 

Our Notes 

  • "You might not know closely fostered farm relationships drive the menu or that farm-to-table here is more Eucharist adoration than lip service. But you'll likely tell. The sustainably farmed, GMO-free and cruelty-free ingredients are carefully and locally sourced, and a gleaming open kitchen is a metaphor for transparency with all elements of meal preparation on display"


42 Mill Hill Rd

Woodstock, New York

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