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Historic Inn • Tavern • Venue

Stewart House

What They Are about

At the center of the Hudson Valley, established in 1883, this gem is nestled in the heart of Athens, New York. Located just outside the village of Catskill and next to the Hudson river, discover a luxurious and intimate place that is out of this century. A modern take on traditional and timeless hospitality, The Stewart House offers nine elegant guest rooms and two restaurants. Perfect for any event from weddings to corporate retreats. A riverfront bar and grill, all meticulously restored by owners Lois and Lon Ballinger. By land or sea, enjoy a complete respite from your busy day-to-day schedule immersed in the history and incredible natural beauty that New York has to offer. 

Our Notes 

  • Suites come with freestanding bathtubs situated in the middle of the room, super romantic! \

  • Catch the Ferry over from Hudson, NY if you are coming in on the Amtrack

  • The FOOD IS OUT OF THIS WORLD. Chef Bob is so thoughtful when it comes to the menu and everything is simple perfection

  • Live music is held every Thursday in the winter and every Saturday in the Summer

  • The cocktails are AMAZING

Stewart House

2 N Water St

Athens, New York

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