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Storm King Mountain

What They Are about

The mountain is a major part of Storm King State Park, with wide views of the river and areas surrounding, both Storm King and Butter Hill summits are popular with hikers. The orange-blazed unnamed connector trail, leading to the yellow-blazed Stillman Trail, most often accessed at a parking area on U.S. Route 9W, offers an immediate and steep climb up Butter Hill followed by a longer and more relaxing hike to the summit of Storm King. 

While thought of as the highest point in the area, its summit reaching approximately 1,340 feet above sea level, the eastern summit known officially as Butter Hill is actually higher, with an elevation of 1,380 feet. 

Our Notes 

  • Although attempted infrequently and not permitted by the park authorities, there are documented technical rock climbing routes above the river, as well as ice climbing, when conditions are favorable.

Storm King Mountain

Mountain Road

Cornwall-on-Hudson, New York

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