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Bread & Pizza Dough Baker

The Hudson Oven

What They Are about

   As a small business who bakes twice a week for hundreds of households I have had a lot of practice making bread. When I first began back in 2016 I wished there were a product like this to help me cut to the chase and begin to understand the feeling of strong gluten development through sourdough fermentation. I decided to make this Artisanal Sourdough Bread Mix to make anybody's first sourdough baking experience a success. Of course there are varying degrees of success but therein-lies the fun! Sourdough made simple, with the “Bread Brick” by The Hudson Oven.

Our Notes 

  • Sourdough Bread Kits Available 

  • Find out about Artisanal Bread Lockers 

  • Sourdough How to videos available 

The Hudson Oven

Ossining, New York

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