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The Quiet Botanist

What They Are about

The Quiet Botanist is a wild-crafted botanical apothecary located in Hudson, New York. They are a creative collective of like-minded souls exploring the intersection of nature, wellbeing and design. Their philosophy is rooted in the importance of establishing rituals and celebrating beauty in all forms,and a belief that harmony is achieved when the world outside nourishes the world within.

The storefront is refined to the essentials with products that we have been sourced from around the world. Drawing on inspirations from apothecaries of a bygone era, wild-harvested Australian botanicals and overgrown European gardens, they bring you a retail experience full of discovery and a deep appreciation for the beauty of the natural world.

Come. Stay for tea. Welcome to the world of The Quiet Botanist.

Our Notes 

  • Breathtaking floral arragments

  • Carefully curated apothecary to nourish yor body and soul

  • Amazing treats and teas to fill your pantry

  • Incredible candles, incense,and linens 

The Quiet Botanist

445 Warren Street

Hudson, New York

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