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Thomas Cole National Historic Site

What They Are about

The Thomas Cole house is also knowen as Cedar Grove. Thomas Cole came to the village of Catskill for the first time in 1825 on a sketching trip. He returned in subsequent years, eventually boarding at Cedar Grove, a farm owned by the local merchant, John A. Thomson. Cedar Grove has always enjoyed an orientation towards the western prospect of the Catskill Mountains, appropriate as this was the scene of Thomas Cole’s inspiration. With its scenic attributes and authentic rural amenities, the Thomas Cole National Historic Site is a living memorial to the artistry of its famous resident and the world of romanticism in the Hudson River Valley.

Our Notes 

  • Earliest was a farmhouse, often called the cottage, used until 1839 when a separate store-house/studio was built. 

  • In 1846, Cole designed a free standing studio – called the new studio – south of the house. 

  • The new studio was demolished in modern times, but the building has now been reconstructed on its original footprint.

Thomas Cole National Historic Site

218 Spring St

Catskill, New York

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