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100% pure all-natural syrup

Tree Juice Maple Syrup

What They Are about

Tree Juice Maple Syru is made at Lazy Crazy Acres Farm. Nestled in the Drybrook Valley of the Catskills Mountains of New York, the Fairbairn family have owned and operated this 100+ acre farm since the 1930’s. In 2012, Jake Fairbairn and Ryan Annetts resurrected the family’s sugar shack, which had been unused for eight years, and began making Tree Juice Maple Syrup.

Around 5000 maple trees on the farm’s rolling hills are tapped each year. Miles of tubing gravity feed the sap to the sugar house where a wood fire evaporator turns the sap into sweet stuff. They believe in following tradition by boiling the maple sap on a wood-fired evaporator. This produces an unrivaled 100% pure all-natural maple flavor. They use aging and infusing techniques with natural ingredients to create unique flavor profiles that will leave you wanting more.

Our Notes 

  • Try "Zesty Lemon", it is infused with organic lemon zest, giving it a delicious citrus flavor worthy of any pancake. 

  • OR

  • "Bourbon Barrel Aged", it is aged in oak bourbon barrels, giving it a hint of oak, bourbon and caramel.

Tree Juice Maple Syrup

59 Rider Hollow Rd

Arkville, New York

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