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Tea • Skincare • Apothecary

Tweefontein Herb Farm

What They Are about

We provide all natural, organic products straight from mother earth to you.

We incorporate the wisdom and strengths of permaculture, bio-dynamic farming, and homesteading to grow the herbs and plants that provide the medicinal benefits found in our products. Our knowledge of herbal medicine has allowed for the ability to create products whose combined ingredients have the greatest possible effect in maintaining and creating a healthy human body.

The farm is run as a collective, mutually sharing the responsibilities of agriculture, home maintenance, and product creation. The farm's Managers, Jill and Chris, have led the farm since April 2015 heading the evolution and development of the farm and its collective.

Tweefontein has been an operational herb farm since early the early 80's. Originally run by founder Anne Salomon, the farm continues to maintain her legacy by providing New York City Green Markets with high quality herbal teas and products.

Our Notes 

  • Tweenfontein herb farm is a local gem

  • Handmade tinctures, balms, tea, and more

  • Aromatherapy, Apothacary, Natural Medicines

  • Everything you need to heal, mind, body, and soul

Tweefontein Herb Farm

4 Jenkins Lane

New Paltz, New York

(480) 395-3621

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