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Ulster Studios

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Ulster Studios LLC is the only creative + marketing agency serving New York City and the greater Hudson Valley exclusively focused on holistic, affordable design and marketing solutions for freelancers, startups, and small businesses.


In today's rapidly changing business environment it is more important than ever to have strong relationships with business professionals like lawyers, accountants, bankers to help your business navigate and thrive.

The same is now true for the creative, design, and marketing needs of your business. No longer can you hire someone to design a website and then walk away.
You need to partner with an agency like Ulster Studios to guide your brand through the creative, technical and marketing complexities of an ever-changing business marketplace.


We are your growth partner.

Our Notes 

  • Hudson Valley Happenings has seen tremendous growth in the past couple of years. Having surpassed 100,000 Instagram followers, we knew we were ready to take the next step which meant rebranding, building a website, and developing a comprehensive sales and marketing strategy.

  • We approached Ulster Studios to help us. Kevin, the Managing Director, was incredible. He hand drew a new logos, established an entire look and feel for the new site, and really knocked it out of the park. He took the time to listen to our needs, our goals, and our vision for the future. Using that information, he developed our media kit and helped us find new ways to monetize our site. His guidance and vision have been invaluable. 

  • If your business is ready to develop its marketing strategy, build a website, rebrand, or you just want some advice—we urge you to contact Ulster Studios.

Ulster Studios

Kingston, New York

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