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Waterstone Inn

What They Are about

In the 1850s Solomon Caldwell had a vision that the pristine waterfront and mountains of Greenwood Lake could be a world-class resort area to rival Lake George, NY or Windermere, England. He invested in a lion’s share of land and reached out to others who believed grand hotels, restaurants and recreation belonged in Greenwood Lake. The Golden Age of Greenwood Lake was born and wealthy New York families flocked to the lake for leisure throughout the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Now, the Mulcahy Family has a similar vision: to bring fine accommodations back to Greenwood Lake. The Waterstone Inn offers visitors a peek back in time to when steamships ferried travelers, the railroad ran along the East Shore and Greenwood Lake was the talk of the town in the New York Times social pages.

Our Notes 

  • In traditional B & B style, breakfast is included in your stay at the Waterstone Inn if you’re staying in the Main House. 

  • Unlike most small inns and B &B’s, we offer a menu of breakfast entrees for guests to choose from. 

  • Your meal starts with house-baked bread, fresh fruit and then your choice of breakfast.

Waterstone Inn

62 Sterling Rd

Greenwood Lake, New York

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