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West Kill Brewery

What They Are about

Located on a 127 acre historic dairy farm, West Kill Brewing aims to reflect the great place it was born. With a focus on locally grown and foraged ingredients and a soft spot for history, we have fun brewing beers that are as fascinating in origin as they are delicious. Beers with maple sap boiled in our wood fired evaporator, honey harvested from our hives, cherries picked from our orchard, creeping thyme plucked from our fields, and yeast cultivated from the Spruceton Valley. Whether we are making foraged funky ales, crisp balanced lagers, or heavily hopped IPA's its our untouched mountain water that truly showcases the natural beauty of this place.

Our Notes 

  • A business with a deep commitment to the area – to its mountains, to its people, to its heritage, to its future.

West Kill Brewery

2173 Spruceton Rd

West Kill, New York

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