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Family Hiking

Whale of a Trail Adventures

What They Are about

   Whale of a Trail Adventures promotes generational health by providing trail information in the upper Hudson Valley, guided outdoor experiences, and adventure education programs. Sarah has been working in the outdoor industry since 2003 and also has nine years of classroom science education under her belt. Combining her passion for the outdoors with her geeky science side, Sarah created Whale of a Trail to help families and youth feel comfortable and confident in the outdoors by providing relevant outdoor know-how and trail info that is accessible for both locals and visitors alike.                                                                                                               Visit Sarah’s website to find a trail that is just right for your next adventure. Contact Sarah for a guided hike, a luxurious way to experience the wonders of Greene and Columbia Counties (she brings the snacks!). Sarah also facilitates adventure education programs and workshops on basic camping skills like knot tying, using a compass and reading a map. Before you head out the door, it’s Whale of a Trail that will help you explore!

Our Notes 

  • Free Hikes 

  • Great for kids of all ages

  • Beautiful Locations 

Whale of a Trail Adventures

PO Box 1038 Hudson, NY


(518) 288-6842

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