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100% Grass-Fed Animals

White Stag Farms

What They Are about

White Stag Farms came out of a desire to connect to and respect our earth and the creatures that help sustain us. As human beings, we are part of a complex give and take between us, the land, and the animals. We believe that in order to maintain a balance between the three, it's important to respect and love the animals that we raise. We firmly believe that mother nature does a far better job of providing for them than we humans ever could, without the need for man-made medicines and hormones. As such, we keep the animals in their natural habitat, free of restriction or human tampering. We share our home with the animals, living together in the lush green hills and woodlands of the Upper Delaware. Situated on 52 beautiful acres of heavily forested land, the farm makes good use of what the environment has to offer. Our pigs are raised in the woods to forage and feast on nature's own bounty, with a constant supply of acorns, walnuts, ferns, roots, and berries. They are supplemented with regionally sourced non-GMO, grain from nearby Hudson, NY. Our cattle and chickens are pasture raised without any added hormones or pesticides, and our cows are 100% grass-fed and finished.  All of our animals are rotated onto fresh ground weekly giving them access to the verdant forest floor or lush, pasture every step of the way, which makes extraordinarily happy and healthy animals.

Our Notes 

An avid outdoorsman and animal lover just finishing college, Brett Hogancamp sought to build a company that would foster a mix between his two favorite things in life. He found himself at odds with the modern image of warehouse farming and disconnected way of raising animals. He believes instead, a connection and intimacy with the animals he raises is a fundamental part of raising our food. With the average age of the farmer, rising ever higher, Brett believes that now more than ever, it's time for a new generation of farmers to take up the plow and pitchfork in order to feed and sustain the people. He believes that it is time to part ways with the age of industrial farming and do away with the synthetic food culture of America, and return to a more intimate agricultural nation. By placing an emphasis on a naturalistic approach to farming, Brett seeks to make sustainable, humane, and healthy practices the new norm in American farms in the near future.

White Stag Farms

146 Swendsen Rd

Tyler Hill, PA

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