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Widow Jane Distillery

What They Are about

In the center of Brooklyn’s Red Hook neighborhood you will find our artisanal whiskey distillery, as well as the heartbeat of our warehousing, aging, barreling, blending, and bottling done in-house. At the front of our production is our pot still and unusual serial continuous distillation columns. These stills develop a remarkable flavor in whiskey and enable us to find liquids that express the ultimate subtleties of the individual corn varietals and grains that we use. We are open seven days a week, so come and see us.  We love nothing more than to share our space and our passion for whiskey with good friends. We work each day within this city, over these cobblestone streets, in Red Hook at the juncture of old and new New York City. Where things get done in their own way—a place that defines itself.

Widow Jane scours the country for the finest barrels of Straight Bourbon & Rye Whiskeys. Hand assembled right here in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, we bring these to you with non chill-filtration, and proofed with a hard-yet-sweet pure limestone water from the Legendary Rosendale Mines of Upstate New York. We also distill every week in Red Hook using the finest non-GMO ingredients, including corn varietals such as Baby Jane that are unique to us and that we have nurtured over many years.

Our Notes 

  • At Widow Jane our firm plan is to make 100% of our whiskey in our home state as soon as practical. Obviously as much of this whiskey will be aging for 10 years or more it will be a while however before some of it becomes available.

  • We’re currently making quite a bit of whiskey in Red Hook, Brooklyn and we find ourselves increasingly at capacity there. We are working hard on plans to bring all of our distilling to our New York home, and will share these within the very near future.  We look forward to welcoming you one day in the not-too-distant future into a new space in New York that has all production under one roof.

Widow Jane Distillery

218 Conover St

Brooklyn, New York

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