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Handcrafted Stained Glass

Willow Deep Studio

What They Are about

Willow Deep Studio creates functional and decorative glass art to enhance your home with beauty and light. Artisan/owner Brenna specializes in custom stained glass and gold leaf art, ranging from custom large scale stained glass windows and lamps, hand-gilded and painted house numbers and business signage, architectural gilding, and repairs to smaller retail items that make perfect gifts for a loved one. The studio's online shop is curated with unique stained glass mini-panels and suncatchers, mirrors, jewelry, coasters, trays and aura charms. Each piece is lovingly handcrafted by applying the century-old traditional copper foil method with a contemporary twist. Willow Deep Studio is located in the woods just outside of Rosendale and periodically offers stained glass and gold leaf workshops for all levels as well as private lessons for individuals or groups.

“Even though stained glass and gold leaf have both existed for centuries, there is so much newness to what has yet to be done in their conventional fields. I’m inspired by the challenge of taking these crafts to further, more divergent levels. And I love the enduring aspect of both stained glass and gold leaf: with the proper application and care, each can be a lasting statement or keepsake for over a hundred years and become a part of history itself.”

~Brenna, Willow Deep Studio artist/owner

Our Notes 

Willow Deep Studio specializes in handcrafted custom art for         all architectural and decorative needs.

  • -stained glass panels: windows, doors, light boxes

  • -stained glass products: lamps, boxes, nightlights

  • -personalized stained glass pieces and suncatchers

  • -architectural gold leaf and glass gilding: furniture, picture frames, instruments, moldings, keepsakes

  • hand-gilded and painted house numbers and business signage

  • -gold leaf mirrors, contemporary and antique styles

  • -repair/restoration of existing gold leaf or stained glass pieces

  • -faux finishing

Willow Deep Studio

1904 Lucas Ave Ext

Cottekill, New York

(845) 658-0370

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