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A Fan Favorite

Cocktails • Small Bites

Wonder Bar

What They Are about

Located inside the Beacon Theater built in the 1930s resides the Wonder Bar. A look back in time to the days of good old fashioned cocktail lounges. This beautifully restored bar overwhelms you with feelings of nostalgia from the classic checkerboard floor, pincushion benches, even the original menu on the wall. While they do serve the finest classic cocktails, they are always cooking up beautiful and delicious cocktails to tickle your taste buds. And speaking of cooking, their small plate menu is unique, fun, and super tasty. Bet you can"t order just one!

Our Notes 

  • Always crafting new cocktails for you to experience

  • The small plate menu makes it fun to sample a few

  • Don't miss out on the pretzels

  • Order food and cocktails online to enjoy at home

Wonder Bar

445 Main Street

Beacon, New York

(845) 440-7706

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