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Yant Flat Cliffs

What They Are about

Yant Flat Cliffs, also known as the Candy Cliffs, a stretch of red and orange rocks right at the upper edge of the sandstone layer, extending about three miles along the southern boundary of a rocky plateau (Yant Flat). Above here the mountain slopes are wooded and overgrown, but the cliffs and their associated buttes and ravines are mostly unvegetated, and richly colored; common Southwest scenery, but here with the added attraction of unusual stripes and patches of color, cutting across the natural thin-layered cross-bedding. The wavy bands occur in shades of orange, red, yellow and pink, and white, which when combined with varied rock forms and textures make for a very photogenic landscape. Exploration is moderately difficult, however, and quite time-consuming owing to the high relief - cross-country walking requires negotiating steep slopes and deep gullies so it can take a while to find the best locations. All the cliffs and the surrounding lands are publicly owned, and there are plenty of good camping places nearby. The stony plains of Yant Flat are also notable for being home to a herd of wild horses.

Our Notes 

  • The Candy Cliffs of Yant Flat is one place where words and photos just really do not suffice. 

  • This place has mind-blowing geology, incredible views, otherworldly landscapes, and some of the great desert scenes of Utah. 

  • The dirt road is a bit rugged and requires a four-wheel drive vehicle with higher clearance, which helps keep this relatively unknown area less crowded.

Yant Flat Cliffs

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