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Artisanal Candles & Leather Good

Wickers Creek

What They Are about

Wickers Creek is a gathering of goods born in the lower Hudson Valley with a reverence for heritage craftsmanship and a deep renegade soul. We are the doers and makers working by hand with nature’s best ingredients. Our products are for your home, self and celebration, all anchored by the slow burn of master crafters working in small batches.

The 14 oz. hand-poured candle in a reusable metal showpiece is the first of our courageous collection of unique wares. Our latest commission introduces a one of a kind, handmade leather tote bag featuring distressed brass details. We hope to continue to disrupt with unforeseen categories and ground-breaking collaborations.

Our Notes 

  • Artisticaly Crafted Candles

  • Built with all natural ingredients

  • Made with soy based wax

  • Candles are hand-poured

  • Each metal vessel is hand-finished so no two are alike

  • Vessel can be repurposed

  • 3 Delicious Scents: Whiskey Nights, Sacred Ember, Indie Summer

  • All 3 scents are inspired by authentic experiences

  • Hand Crafted Leather Goods and Bags

  • Leather tote bag is hand crafted by generational artisans

  • ****Free Delivery Throughout December*****

Wickers Creek

Born In And Of

The Hudson Valley

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