Calling foodies of Westchester County!

Calling all fellow foodies of Westchester County!

For some, a new year brings yet another year of a never-ending resolution to get fit or lose winter weight before spring time comes around; For foodies, a new year usually brings on the opposite effect. If you’re anything like myself, you’re probably someone who is always looking for new destinations to visit in the valley and more importantly, new meals to devour. I took some time this past month to look back on all of the mouth-watering photographs of 2018 and decided to start a new resolution. A resolution to try as many new restaurants in the lower Hudson Valley as I can before January is over. I’ve started checking places off my bucket list already, but I wanted to share it with you so you can try some of these amazing eats alongside me. Most of these locations opened in December just in time for the new year.

1.Divino Cucina Italiana, Hastings on Hudson, Westchester County

Opened in early December 2018

Just 30 minutes outside of New York City, sits the quaint village of Hastings-on-Hudson. This town just welcomed a new Italian restaurant in the heart of downtown. Located in the old home of Tony’s Steak and Seafood on Warburton Avenue, Divino serves up classic Italian food in a modern atmosphere. I’m hoping to stop in soon to try some of my favorite Italian combos (no, not the sandwich) but rather everything involving pasta, mozzarella cheese and pesto. They are open Tuesday-Sunday, however, they currently only serve lunch on weekends. This will change in the near future, so just be sure to give them a call before heading over.

2.The Rare Bit, Dobbs Ferry, Westchester County

Opened December 26th, 2018

Just a town over, Dobbs Ferry welcomes a new British inspired restaurant, The Rare Bit. After Cedar Street Grill closed in the hub of this small town, owner Scott Broccoli and head chef David DiBari, joined forces to create a new restaurant in its place. I recently came to find out during my visit that this is the third restaurant opened by the team in Dobbs Ferry alongside other local favorites and renowned eateries: The Parlor and The Cookery. The location has expanded quite a bit offering a larger bar and lounge area to fit the gastropub aesthetic. This place nailed the British vibe down to the plate our meal was served on. English bands from the 70s and 80s played through the speakers as I admired the wall decor that brought me overseas to a traditional English pub. This place is serving some of the most unique British dishes that can’t be found anywhere else in the valley. From bangers and mash, to a traditional English breakfast, this place has it all. What’s a gastropub without decadent drinks? I tried one of their newest additions to their drink menu, Purple Rain a carbonated cocktail made with gin, elderflower and lemon. They’re now offering a brunch menu on the weekends as well, which I was lucky enough to try. Their steak and eggs special was delish! So what are you waiting for? Go check it out!

3.Bona Bona Ice Cream, Port Chester, Westchester County