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A Guide to Hudson, New York

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Located in historic Columbia County, lies the city of Hudson. The city’s history dates back well into the 18th and 19th centuries and perhaps even further when the land was used as a pivotal whaling port and trading hub for nautical travelers and merchants alike between 1785 and 1840. Since then, Hudson has undergone a quite sophisticated transformation.

The picturesque but still gritty 19th century town — overlooking the same-named river two hours north of Manhattan — has become a center for art, design, performance, food and drink. It perfectly embodies the old-time, artisanal look of recent years that’s equally loved and loathed — you know, all those Edison bulbs, roughly hewn repurposed wood farm tables and artfully frayed vintage American flags. Hudson is not only burnishing its reputation for midcentury antiques and contemporary art, it has also become a formidable performance hub as well.

Whether you’re planning a day trip, an overnight, a full weekend or a longer stay — and many would say that the best time to visit is the sleepy middle of the week — here’s a look at where to go and what to do in charming, shabby-chic, vaguely melancholic Hudson.


Looking for a place to stay for the night or perhaps an extended weekend stay? We have two great options that are thoughtfully curated for historic and contemporary style accommodations that are located within walking distance to Warren Street and the waterfront district making the ideal local for exploring and discovering Hudson!

The Croff House is a refined upscale bed & breakfast modeled in a Victorian-Era style home owned by Duncan Calhoun and Russ Gibson, since 2008 and officially opened in 2009. Originally built in 1875 by architect G.B. Croff, by which the property is named today, it remains the epicenter of the history present for it’s guests to this day. Owner and innkeeper Russ Gibson shared his thoughts and admiration on their beloved property and provided some detailed context on their location in Hudson and how they’ve remained a notable favorite among travelers throughout the decade. “Hudson is a very eclectic community, very welcoming of all types of people and cultures, and there’s something for everybody.” “We offer personalized service, combines history architecture and modern amenities. We’ve added Wi-Fi and working gas fireplaces. Our property itself has a lot of space for guests to enjoy with a wood burning fireplace in the lobby.” “And we are the only bed & breakfast in Hudson that serves breakfast outside, we call it al-fresco breakfast!”. Each guest room is fully equipped with an ensuite bathroom and clawfoot tub for a sophisticated touch for guest enjoyment. “Our low season is from the beginning of November through the end of March to early April. Things start to pick up in May when Memorial Day comes around and our high season is from then to October for fall foliage season” said Gibson. Gibson provided excellent feedback on the property and looks forward to another exciting season.

For more information on room rates, reservation inquiries or other property details, please visit

The Croff House Bed & Breakfast

5 Willard Place

Hudson, New York 12534

United States

Wm Farmer and Sons is a contemporary hotel located steps away from the waterfront district and Warren Street of Hudson. Notably known for it’s in-house restaurant serving craft beer and other local favorites, the property boasts modern accommodations with a refined palate on sophistication and convenience in one. Guests can choose from three options of room types: The Merchant House offers a more historic feel with merchant and trade history portraits and artifacts detailing the city’s past in nautical culture. You’ll also find a serenic back garden (in season) and comfortable common area for guests to relax and enjoy. Another option are the Annex Suites that are ideally suited for families or longer staying guests with added modern comfort. The main building of Wm Farmer hosts modern guest rooms and luxurious amenities. Each space is curated for the designated guest and the length of their stay to ensure a comfortable and memorable experience. Recently featured on Opentable’s Diner’s Choice for 2019, the on-site restaurant and barroom offers up innovative local cuisine and fresh ingredients for a gourmet dining experience. You’ll find clean lines and contemporary architecture. The property also hosts local events which are done on select weekends throughout the year. Be sure to check their website for details and for more information on room rates, reservations, or other inquiries please visit

Wm Farmer and Sons Boarding & Barroom

20 S Front Street

Hudson, New York 12534

United States


There are plenty of sights to see and things to do that’ll keep you exploring and discovering Hudson! From hiking to outdoor activities to things you’ll find right in downtown, these are top finds and best recommendations!

Warren Street is perhaps the main drag in Hudson where you’ll find all the shops and restaurants in a quaint tree-lined Main Street atmosphere ideal for walking and exploring what the town has to offer it’s visitors and locals alike.

Henry Hudson Riverfront Park is located in the city’s waterfront district that offers excellent views of the Hudson around you. Essential spot for photos, you can walk, bike, or bask in the beauty of the surrounding region as the magic of the Hudson Valley captivates you.

Greenport Conservation Area is a protected park where you’ll find plenty of walking and hiking trails plus spots for picnics. Don’t forget your walking shoes and even a bike to really take in the majesty of the local flora and fauna of the region. Continue up the path for spectacular views!

Promenade Hill Park is a public park in the city’s waterfront district offering sweeping views of the Hudson and also providing some history on the town’s past. With it all, calls for more insight on the history of Hudson and river views!

Hudson Athens Lighthouse is a historic staple of both Hudson and

nearby Athens that lies in the center of the Hudson River. Initially constructed in 1874, it provides a center ground for nautical travelers going up and down the river. Only accessible by boat, many come to photograph and take in the history of this intriguing destination.

Fireman’s Firefighting Museum contains historical artifacts of individuals in the fire force from generations past to offer an insight on how these practices have changed over time. It’s a great learning experience for those interested in the career path or for those who have a keen interest in the history. For hours and information be sure to visit


Looking for some grub? Perhaps some excellent gourmet cuisine from around Hudson in the region or from around the world. Or maybe some specialty coffee brews and tea. These are our picks for eat & drink destinations in Hudson!

The Maker Cafe offers up specialty coffee brews, baked goods, and plenty of authentic bread to choose from in this casual contemporary space. Sit al-fresco in season or have a seat inside and share a conversation over coffee with friends, family, and loved ones. For hours and information, be sure to visit

Verdigris Tea & Chocolate Bar has two specialty products from a vast variety of tea and delicious chocolate in this inventive casual space. Known for their quick service, you’ll enjoy a hot cup of tea during autumn and winter and even a nice cold iced tea on a hot summer day to refresh and replenish for a day of exploring. For hours and information, be sure to visit

Home/Made Hudson is a notable brunch restaurant serving up sweet treats and classic breakfast dishes and more in this eco-conscious contemporary space. You’ll be seated in a cozy comfortable atmosphere where you’ll enjoy fresh ingredients and warm hospitality. For hours and information, be sure to visit

Le Perche offers up contemporary French cuisine plus savory and sweet baked goods in a casual tavern space. You can enjoy fine al-fresco dining in their notable courtyard amongst local flora while having some authentic dishes. For more hours and information, be sure to visit

Helsinki Hudson is an American eatery with a emphasis on southern cooking. Located in a restored industrial building, the property boasts classic comfort food and even offers local performances and small concerts on select dates throughout the year in a chic contemporary space. For hours and more information on live events, be sure to visit

Back Bar offers unique Malaysian cuisine located ironically in the back an antique shop for craft beers and specialty alcoholic beverages in an eclectic space. For more information and business hours, be sure to visit


If you’re looking for somewhere to shop in this trendy town, definitely hit up these places! Each one is thoughtfully curated for shopping for a friend or loved one or if you decide to treat yourself and bring a piece of the Hudson Valley back home. These our our top finds and best recommendations!

Fig & Bella is a unique fashion accessories boutique specializing in custom fragrances, aromatherapy candles, and plenty of festive decor to innovate your space in any style of your choosing. You can also find scarves and other goodies to put some extra flavor into your fashion look. For hours and information, be sure to visit


BODHI Spa | Yoga | Shop is a three in one spa facility, yoga studio, and gift boutique offering up unique holistic rejuvenation, massage packages, yoga classes, and plenty of fragrant choices for a day of relaxation and scents that are sure to impress. For hours and information on appointments, yoga classes, and more be sure to visit

Hudson Clothier is a men and women’s clothing boutique selling eco-friendly and health conscious products ranging from notable fashion accessories such as scarves, wallets and handbags to other specialty goodies such as handmade jewelry and skincare. The brand holds its name as a top purveyor of sustainable goods that are practical, affordable, and offer excellent quality. For hours and more information, be sure to visit

The Artisan Shop at Camphill Hudson is a specialty gift shop boutique that offers innovative gift ideas specialty handmade products from around the region in a one-of-a-kind space right on the main stretch of Warren Street. For hours and information, be sure to visit

FACE Stockholm is the ultimate source of cosmetics in Hudson specializing in notable designer brands and local products in a sheek contemporary space. You’ll find beauty experts that will point you to your favorite go-to products or can assist you in finding the new product you’ve been looking for! For hours and information, be sure to visit

Spotty Dog Books & Ale is an independent bookstore selling well-established author’s novels and local favorites from around the Hudson Valley in a casual space. Sit and relax with a good book in hand or perhaps wander the aisles in wonder as you look for your next read! You’ll find stationery and gift ideas as well. The store also offers a full-service bar serving up local craft ales for customer enjoyment. Must be 21 and over. For hours and information be sure to visit

Some other favorites are

Good Fight Herb Co. specializing in health-conscious and eco-friendly products in a boutique-style space. For hours and information, be sure to visit

and 2 Note which is an organic shop sells sustainable organic products ranging from specialty beverages to fragrances. For hours and information, be sure to visit


Whether you’re visiting for the day or are planning an overnight or weekend stay, Hudson is sure to impress as one of the Hudson Valley’s trendiest cities to visit. Located about 2 to 2 & 1/2 half hours from New York and most of the New York City metropolitan area and just under an hour from Albany, it’s ideally within a day’s drive to get to Hudson. Hudson is the place you’ll find comfortable accommodations, plenty of gourmet eats, abundant shopping options curated for the casual and discerning shopper, and plenty of sights and things to see around Hudson in the Hudson Valley. Come and see for yourself and see why this city brings back visitors time and time again!

Did we miss anything in our guide? Be sure to comment below!

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