A Weekend Guide to: Stone Ridge, Accord, and Kerhonkson

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Summer is beating down on us and in the midst of Farmer’s Markets and CSA deliveries, a weekend away from the norm, full of pastoral farmland, is everything we need to reset. The Hudson Valley is full of sunny strings of small towns and villages, and going south on Route 209 you run into Stone Ridge, Accord, and Kerhonkson. These tucked-away hamlets border the Minnewaska State Preserve to the south and are laid down on the shores of the Rondout Creek. It’s a serene piece of the Valley, and the farmland on either side of 209 makes every restaurant farm-to-table and you only have to follow the signs to the next great brewery.

Staying over Friday night, we wanted to find a place that isn’t just your average bed-and-breakfast. There were some amazing choices, but the mission of the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary was truly inspiring. Tucked in between Stone Ridge and Accord, the farm is laid out along the dirt-packed Rescue Road. You drive in and the sounds of the Rondout Creek and happily mooing cows greet you as you make your way through to the Gray Barn, the Farm’s on-site accommodations. Belying its name, the Gray Barn is an ultra-modern, darkly painted, chic two-story building tucked into the working animal farm. It’s beautiful and totally unexpected. The dogwood trees out front (planted by Earth Designs Cooperative, a worker-owned business in the Hudson Valley) attracted all kinds of birds and beetles. In the evening, the fireflies loved to light up the base of the trunk, flying up and around all the trees

around the Barn.

Inside the Barn, the white walls, high ceilings, and beautiful decorations put us at ease immediately. Any tension left over from the drive was released in a slow exhale as we unpacked for the weekend. We were given a few hours to unwind, and after a short rest, we changed into muck clothes - eager to experience and learn about the Sanctuary and the animals that live there