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Best Cider Donuts in the Hudson Valley.

A distinctly autumnal treat, cider doughnuts are traditionally made from a batter flavored with cinnamon, nutmeg, and apple cider, then fried and dusted with granulated sugar. 

When paired with a hot cup of freshly milled apple cider, the combination is a formative sense memory for many – a Hudson Valley childhood distilled in a bite.

From farm stands to supermarkets, there are myriad opportunities for procuring one in a pinch. But, as with all things, some are simply more delicious than others. After sampling an unreasonable number of golden O's around the region, we've deemed those listed below the Top greatest cider doughnuts of the Hudson Valley:

Vera's Marketplace, Cold Spring

Barton Orchards, Poughquag

Whether you want the full orchard experience or just a quick trip into town, there’s an apple cider doughnut waiting for you. Warm, sugary, and ready to be consumed by the dozen. Are you hungry yet?


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