Walking in Beacon: The Commuter’s Guide to Beacon, New York

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Walking on Main Street:

The Commuter’s Guide to Beacon, New York

The Hudson River Line of the Metro-North provides numerous escapes from the city and the beautiful towns and stops along the line are perfect for day or even weekend trips. While there are many charming towns and areas right off the station platform, few are as walkable and as friendly towards commuters as Beacon.

First, start off by traveling a scenic one-and-a-half hour northward on the train. The views do their best to showcase the beauty of the Valley, and I recommend a window seat to take in the mountains and cliffs. Beacon is pretty far up on the tracks, and by the time you hit Cold Spring you’ll see the shuffle around you. Beacon is a popular stop, and not all doors open, so make your way somewhere in the middle.

Getting off the train you’ll notice two things. The first is magnificent Mount Beacon, which has a trailhead literally a five-minute drive from the station. Barring having a car, you can walk the two miles to the Scenic Hudson Parking Lot or you can catch the free (Yes! Free!) Beacon Bus Loop, which will take you down Main Street and drop you off right at the start of the trail. The second thing you’ll probably notice is the ferry, ready and waiting to shuttle you over to Newburgh. If you’re spending a few days in the area, catching the ferry across the river lands you on the lovely waterfront, home to the new Hudson Taco and the art film house, Downing Film Center .