Looking to find a unique one-of-a-kind architectural masterpiece that is something out of a fairytale? Head to Lyndhurst Mansion, formally known as the Jay Gould Estate is a notable Gothic revival estate located in Tarrytown, New York, an adorable little town that offers a quaint main street full of local shops and restaurants and a spectacular waterfront with sweeping river views! It almost resembles a European castle. The property is nestled on a 67-acre protected park and nature reserve overlooking the Hudson River offering sweeping views of the river and the region beyond.

The moment you arrive through the gates, you are instantly drawn to this unique architectural marvel of a property that seemingly transports you to medieval times or even Hogwarts for all the Potterheads. As the leaves begin to change color and transition into remarkable fall foliage, the leaves lay upon the grounds in front of the mansion offering great photo ops so be sure to bring a camera along and take pictures!

The property was designed in 1838 Alexander Jackson Davis, an architectural genius at the time who aimed to complement the natural elements of the region and the artistry of the Gothic revival. Some great fun facts are that some former occupants of Lyndhurst Mansion include former New York City mayor William Poulding, a merchant named George Merritt, and even railroad tycoon Jay Gould, whom the property was later named after before becoming officially known as Lyndhurst Mansion, today.

The estate was designed to impress each and every visitor upon their arrival to showcase the deep architectural elements, social status, and wealth of who owned the property at the time similar to many aristocrat societies at the time.