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HVhappenings launches it HVH adventures, kicking off with a biking extravaganza

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Join HVH Adventures on our first adventure with our kick-off bike tour!

Biking through the Hudson Valley brings bliss to all who cycle. Take it from us at Hudson Valley Happenings, that cool breeze blowing across your shoulders, expansive views of mountains and fields and forests, make a rider feel as if they have peddled into a green wonderland.

We want to share this eye-popping, muscle-building experience with a small group of our HVH buds. Thus, the launch of Hudson Valley Happenings Adventures! Reserve your spot ASAP; space is limited. This all day bus/bike/party kicks off the first of many exciting excursions to come!

Sponsored by New York Trailways, our HVH Adventures crew created a day-long bicycle experience that will bring a smile to your face, calm to your inner being. And, we teamed up with several local HV businesses to get this party started! Woohoo!



  • New Paltz Trailways Bus Terminal to meet your guide

  • Village Grind Coffee Shop - pick up bike, helmet & water (a cuppa joe too! Caffeine up, kids!)

  • Easy ride to Plattekill Gorge Bridge

  • Peddle down to Sojourner Truth Park

  • Continue to Wallkill Valley Rail Trail for snacks & drinks

  • Snap some instagramable shots of the breathtaking Mohonk Preserve


  • Bike through historic Huguenot Street

  • Catch some cinematic worthy shots at Springtown Truss Bridge

  • Travel along the rail trail

  • Tour Coppersea Distillery & lunch


  • Continue on Rail Trail

  • Stop at Rail Trail Cafe - stretch break with music, snacks & bevies


  • Peddle north to Rosendale Trestle

  • Tour Rosendale Ice Caves


  • Head back to New Paltz

  • Leisure time & shopping

  • Meet back at Village Grind

  • Bus back to NYC

Check out our route map!



  • When - Saturday, Aug. 27, 2022

  • Depart - NYC’s Port Authority 8:30 am

  • Terrain - easy

  • Already in the Hudson Valley, then just meet us in New Paltz

  • Already have a bike, bring it along and buy the bring along ticket

  • Mileage - approximately 25 miles

  • Tour time - 10 am - 4:30 pm

  • Return - New Paltz Trailways Depot 6 pm

  • Reserve - very few & very limited spots For Tickets



  • Round trip Trailways bus ticket (NYC to New Paltz)

  • Bike & helmet (custom fitted)

  • Experienced tour guide (fun facts & local expertise)

  • Water & snacks (all day long!)

  • Sunscreen & bug juice (first aid kit & other necessities)

  • Farm fresh lunch (hyper local & delish)

  • Slushy whiskey cocktail (or non-alcoholic alternatives)

  • Tours (farm/distillery/ice caves & more!)

  • Music (live band!)

  • Sightseeing (you’ll be bug-eyed by summer country beauty)

  • CATSKILLIN' IT Tee Shirt from Wearsthis


  • Sunglasses (or some eyewear - pesky bugs enroute!)

  • Phone/camera (a must for snappers!)

  • Binoculars (birdwatching moments!)

  • Moola (for shopping!)

Buy your tickets Now


Grab a cuppa joe to go and pick a comfy seat for a relaxing, 90-minute Trailways ride north.

Known for its natural beauty and history, the Mid-Hudson Valley west of the Hudson River has also gained a following for its food, hiking and biking trails. Our trip is designed to get you off the beaten path and on to quiet roads to explore some of New York State’s best kept secrets.

Once in New Paltz, join our expert guide from New Paltz Biking to get outfitted with your bicycle and helmet and a quick orientation in front of Village Grind. There, your guide will share his/her local knowledge (the beauty of a guided tour - you learn so much more about the surroundings and experience roads less traveled). Then get you on your way!

Our guided tour is filled with local color, peaceful paths, historic neighborhoods, bee and horse farms, distilleries and hilltops lined with apple orchards. You’ll pass majestic mountains (known worldwide for rock climbing), deep gorges, bridges made famous in films, gently flowing rivers and even streams with ice caves.

Ride baby, ride! First leg heads south for a two and a half mile easy cruise on the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail. Head through a cool tunnel of trees to Plattekill Gorge Bridge. First photo op - stunning views of the Shawangunk Mountain Ridge and a chance to make any bike adjustments.

After a brief pit stop, bike north (about two miles) to Sojourner Truth Park, for a snack and drinks. Then, bike or hike up to a breathtaking view of Mohonk Preserve.

A short one mile cruise (6-minutes) takes you to historic Huguenot Street, a 10-acre National Historic Landmark District. See 300 years of local life from a Esopus Munsee wigwam replica, reconstructed 1717 French Church, recreations of how the area’s folks (Indigenous, enslaved Africans as well as French Huguenot and Dutch settlers) lived.

Join a guided stretch with our team (something more you don’t get while biking alone!) before saddling up for the next leg. (Speaking of, your legs will love you for it!)

Next, you’ll cross Springtown Truss Bridge, made famous in the movie “A Quiet Place,” and bike through so many more cinematic-worthy spots. Then stop at Coppersea Distillery, overlooking the Shawangunk Mountains, for a private guided tour. With specially created whiskey cocktails in hand, learn about their heritage distilling method.

Then lunch! Oh yeah! Feast on a gourmet spread of local fare - cheeses (amazing cheeses!), veggies, meats, fruits and more, specially prepared by Grazery, a hot spot for freshest foods.

With legs rested and bellies satated, our tour continues north past pastures and farms for a 3.5-mile ride to The Rail Trail Cafe. The cafe is tucked in the woods on the Larsen Family’s Stone Mountain Farm.

Enjoy more locally produced snacks and drinks and another well-earned stretch break. There’s going to be live music too! Singer/songwriter Steven Michael Pague entertains with his uplifting range from ballads to reggae, from folk to rock. Everybody dance now!!

Trestle and Springtown Images- credits:

"Courtesy of New York State Department of Economic Development/ Darren McGee."

Still craving more adventure? More cycling? We got it. Peddle to Rosendale Trestle Bridge and ice caves. (Shh! One of the area’s best kept secrets - well, maybe not after this!) Several caves mouths open into wide chambers, with rock pillars supporting a ceiling of flat stone. Inside is a frozen underground lake, and rusted cars and trucks from the 1930s. Several cement block buildings and even a three-story tower to the stone ceiling. The limestone contains dolomite. A hundred years ago, this was a booming biz, exporting “Rosendale Cement” around the world!

Exit from the cool caves to warm August in HV then travel back to New Paltz for an invigorating 8.5-mile ride and some leisure time! Fun! Fun! Fun!

Opt to shop at Water Street Market, or browse Main Street’s bookstores, antique shops or clothing, candy and mystical stores. Or pop into one of the popular restaurants and bars for a libation or brew…or two. Just be sure to get back to Village Grind in time for your Trailways chariot ride home. Then sit back and relax! You earned it!

Only 12 spots so buy your tickets ASAP

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