Croftys Column; A monthly guide for the HV pup

Travel, vacation, weekender, day trip, getaway. Whichever your lifestyle allows for, I think getaway is at the core of what we want out of travel. To escape, discover, and renew. Escape from our relative stress. Discover unforeseen vistas and delights. Renew your spirit for the trip back into the real world. Time and budgets don’t always allow for extravagant, jet setting trips to exotic locales. Most weeks there’s just one day to enjoy the off time we’ve worked so hard for. On these days of no grocery shopping, cleaning, or the most dreaded: laundry; we lace up our boots and hit the road for a more local getaway. On our day trips, we’re usually looking for a trail and some grub. Traveling with our furry friend Mycroft presents us with a challenge of finding pooch preferred establishments. Luckily, many restaurants and breweries in the Hudson Valley let these fuzzy ones stop in for a quick bite and a beer. We’ve compiled a brief list of our usual haunts in several Hudson Valley towns that make for a fun day out together with the pup in tow.

Beacon Outdoors: Start the day hiking the trails on Mount Beacon. In the warmer weather, slide the kayak in the Hudson River. Don’t forget the life jackets! Even for the doggo! Eats: Once you’ve worked up an appetite and burned the calories, stop by the Hudson Valley Brewery for some sour IPA’s and a bite. They have rotating beers and pop-up kitchens! Always something new to check out. Don’t forget your pup. HVB is an excellent place for him to socialize too. For dessert, pop into Glazed Over for a customizable donut experience. They’ve got all your tastes covered with their vast list of toppings. And under $4 for 2 donuts! All we’ll say is, don’t skimp on the Fruity Pebbles. Crofty’s Hot Lead: Get them to take you to the Beacon Barkery. Last time we went these suckers got me an excellent new leash by Marine Dog. A perfect complement for my maritime adventures. Plus, new treats. Not a bad day, I tell ya.

New Paltz Outdoors: Do you like long bike rides down gravel trails surrounded by tall trees, sprawling green, and verdant meadows? Of course, you do! The Wallkill Valley Rail Trail is great for riders of any level. You can ride as far as your legs will take you. You can ride to the café or the Rosendale Trestle that overlooks the Rondout Creek, or all the way to Kingston. (Bring an extra padded seat for that last trek. You’ll thank us later.) You can grab your bikes at The Bicycle Depot, which sits right next to the trail. How convenient! Eats: Last time on the trail we stopped at the Rail Trail Café for lunch. They make delicious food right in the beautiful outdoors. Sometimes they have live music. Did we mention that it’s right on the trail?! (You may have guessed that from the name…) Try the pizza. It’s killer. After our extensive bike ride, we were starved. Nothing entirely fills you up like some German comfort food. A short drive across town to the GunkHouse and we were housing some sausages and crisp, golden German pills. Sitting out front, Crofty was able to snag some treats that somehow fell off the table. They were kind enough to bring him his own water bowl. Crofty’s Hot Lead: That ride to Kingston was a good time. But I couldn’t run the whole time. So they hooked me up with a comfy bicycle basket. I do like to ride in style ya’know. Not to mention I got to have some of the pizza they ate at the Rail Trail Café. I think they dropped some of it on purpose?

Bronxville Outdoors: The Bronx River Trail is a daily activity for us. Even if it’s only for a quick mile run. The weekend finds us on longer treks. Sometimes up to Scarsdale, but almost always down to Bronxville. The trail is littered with small hills that lead to footbridges crossing the modest river. These make for great photo ops! Plus, if you’re traveling with a