A V-Day Guide For The Hudson Valley Man

Your head is buried in your hands, resting on the grimy countertop of your local dive. Donned in a stained white oxford and a silk tie hanging loosely around your neck, Celine Dion belts “All By Myself” over the speaker as you catch the reluctant gaze of the bartender polishing a glass on the far side of the bar. After attempting to order another Whiskey Ginger through the drunken stupor, you’re verbally slapped across with, “Go home, you’re drunk.” Sh*t. Another melancholy Valentines Day.

Maybe you couldn’t scramble fast enough to make last minute dinner plans with your hot date, so she left you for Chad Chadsworth who booked his reservations at Hudson’s hottest restaurant weeks in advance.

But it doesn’t have to be this way, right?! Luckily, here at Hudson Valley Happenings we’ve got your back to put together one KICK-ASS day for you and your lover. Love it or hate it, you can’t run away from it. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, ladies and gentlemen, and it’s coming in hot.



Sorry boys, but take the keys out of your ignition. I’m cancelling your trip to C.V.S.; your pharmacy chocolates simply won’t do it this time around. The Hudson Valley is home to some phenomenal chocolatiers sure to satisfy any sweet tooth, a bountiful resource not to be squandered.

Krause’s Chocolates (Saugerties, New Paltz, Rhinebeck): You won’t find any cheap waxes or oils in these chocolates (like you would find in many lesser quality sweets). Third generation confectioner-extraordinaire Karl Krause uses only the finest ingredients imported from around the world to make his grandfather's recipes come to life. This Hudson Valley icon has been helping Valentine love crusaders since 1928 (that’s 90 years people!) and has reigned supreme in the valley by winning the ‘Best Chocolate & Candy Store’ accolade for the past sixteen years in a row (Hudson Valley Magazine’s ‘Best Of’). Maybe you’ve seen them around— with locations in Saugerties, New Paltz, and Rhinebeck there’s no reason for you to not pay them a visit.

(Website: https://www.krauseschocolates.com/)

Photo by: Krause Chocolates

Verdigris Tea & Chocolate (Hudson, Catskill): Kim Bach, owner of Verdigris, followed in her mother's footsteps who had owned a tea shop in Park City, Utah. After moving to Hudson and opening up a shop of her own, some could say that she has tea coursing through her veins. In addition to exotic teas, Kim Bach has created a “world of chocolate” within the historical Hudson District. Serving everything from rich chocolate beverages to the finest chocolate delights from the surrounding areas (Oliver Kita, Fruition, and Fine & Raw to name a few), you’ll more likely than not to walk away with more than you came for. Bach has teamed up with CIA alumni Regina Simmons to procure a delicious baked goods section to top it all off. Verdigris Tea & Chocolate also offers monthly chocolate and drink pairings, which can be found on their website @123Warren.

(Website: https://www.verdigristea.com/)