A step back in time, Stagecoach Inn.

The wet snow that fell the night before Valentine’s Day glazed the equestrian farmland around Goshen, NY with a porcelain sheen. The vast, open paddocks glowed under the dim winter sun as we made our way into the center of the former horse racing capital of New York. The Stagecoach Inn is an establishment older than America itself, having been founded in 1747, and successfully gives guests a glimpse into a bygone era. This makes it a perfect weekend escape; the cessation of your stressful city bustling and the commencement of some well deserved R&R for you and your plus-one.

Occupying a plot of land amongst the other grandiose mansions of Main Street, this beautiful white-washed brick colonial is as magisterial as the Justice’s in their flowing robes and powdered wigs, that congregated here to dine years ago. The stables that formerly resided on the property helped establish Goshen as the “horse trotting Mecca” of America, breeding internationally renowned horses that raced on the Goshen Historic Track just one block away. Pulling up to the main entrance in a Subaru Forrester in lieu of a Triple-Crown winning thoroughbred almost felt reprehensible.