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A guide to Woodstock, NY

Throughout the years, the town of Woodstock has garnered a reputation for itself for being a place that celebrates the rock and roll genre. Although, there are many more sights and attractions to visit for those who wish to liven up their experience. By reading this guide, you will realize that there is a lot more to this historic town than meets the eye, most likely there will be something that might appeal to your interests.

For those who are thinking about visiting Woodstock or those who come regularly, the town of Woodstock is a quaint yet charming town that is unlike any other. The second you arrive at the town center, you are blown away with just how contented all the residents are in this tranquil area. The old-fashioned architecture coupled with lovely floriculture and decor sprinkled throughout Woodstock is enough to give you vibes of the simpler times. Woodstock is one of the most peaceful and amicable towns in New York and taking a ride over here is absolutely worth it, especially if you need to go to a place where you can unwind and put all your stress in the back of your mind for a while.

If you hadn’t already known, the town of Woodstock has a wide variety of activities and locations you might not be aware of. If you’re planning your next trip here and you’re in need of a place to stay in, look no further than the Woodstock Way Hotel. The Woodstock Way Hotel is a four-star, twelve-room luxurious hotel on 10 Waterfall Way, Woodstock, NY. As for the hotel itself, it is very refined and does a phenomenal job at being much more than just your ordinary bed and breakfast. The staff themselves are very generous and approachable. It has much to offer to ensure that their guest’s time spent there is enjoyable by providing them with food and refreshments, live music, in-room therapy, and shops loaded with unique antiques and collectibles. The cabins you can stay in are the best part. They’re not too much or too little, they’re just enough. Waking up at the crack of dawn, you are treated to a gorgeous view of the area through your window and you can see it again at nightfall. The real icing on the cake is that you are right by a waterfall. The sounds of the waterfall gracefully filling the pools with water will immediately put your mind at ease. The Woodstock Way Hotel’s interior pays homage to the 1960s by embracing the outflow of creativity that took place during that decade, whether it was through music or a form of art. You can see this for yourself in the lobby of the hotel, where they have a whole gallery full of art prints and iconic music moments. The Woodstock Way Hotel is the perfect place to stay in for a quick getaway.

Once you have checked in and have gotten settled, that long drive and all that unpacking probably have built up an appetite for you and your family. Fortunately, there is a highly-rated, classy dining establishment called SILVIA just nearby on 42 Mill Hill Rd, Woodstock, NY, open every day of the week between the hours of 5 PM-10 PM. SILVIA is a really well-received restaurant and it deserves the praise that it gets. The service and ambiance are excellent, the food is delicious, the decor is very tasteful and the crew is really professional. Speaking of which, the staff has very high standards and is very particular when it comes to sourcing their ingredients, wanting only the best for their valued customers. That’s why all the ingredients that are shipped to SILVIA are farm-raised, GMO-free, and cruelty-free. If you’re having your doubts that this is true, the official website for SILVIA lists every local farm that they are associated with. Including but not limited to, Chaljeri Meats, Highland Hollow Farm, Hepworth Farms, Hidden Camp Farm, Ironwood Farm, Long-Year Farm, and many more. If you do plan on going to SILVIA, here is a couple of suggestions you should consider ordering! There’s the Korean BBQ Beef (lettuce wraps, cabbage salad, kimchi, and fermented miso garlic paste), Littleneck Clams (zucchini spaghetti, broccolini, butter, garlic, white wine, parmesan, and parsley), Local Steelhead Trout (summer succotash, corn & basil cream, lemon), the Wood Smoked & Brined Chicken (roasted baby carrot, thyme, roasted lemon pan sauce), and the Grass-Fed & Finished Steak (comes with romano beans, horseradish cream, mustard). Delicious! If you’re looking to treat yourself or your family to some fine cuisine, then SILVIA is a must during your visit here.

As mentioned before, there are so many more places to see and things to do in the town. Looking for a place to drink and be merry? Then head on down to the Early Terrible wine bar on 45 Mill Hill Rd, Woodstock, NY. Now, don’t let that name fool you because the Early Terrible is everything but terrible. It is a cocktail bar with extremely positive reviews from the public to show for it. The Early Terrible is open for seven days a week and opens for business at 5 PM.

The setting is something you can really sink your teeth into. Being a bar that embraces creativity with both their food and furnishings. Some of their food and cocktail specials are a bit outlandish but in a charming sort of way. Some customer favorites are the Avocado Diablo (a whole halved and stuffed avocado with vegan lentil pate sprinkled with sunflower seeds, tamari ponzu, hot smoked paprika, and chili oil), New York Fromage a Trios (lively run herbed chevré, Jake’s aged gouda, alpage raw alpine, candied pecan, early garlic mustard seed compoté, and kutik wildflower honey), and Hemmingway Daiquiri (a cocktail drink with Don Q Rum, Grapefruit, Marie Brizard Cherry, Lime). Don’t knock ‘em till ya try them! They will exceed your expectations!

Photo Creds: Bob Minkin Photography

There’s much more than just great food and drinks in the town of Woodstock because they also offer live entertainment. Take a stop at Levon Helm Studios and watch the performances of numerous talented musicians. It is a nice venue that is located in the woods, giving great vibes to it and the acoustics are simply amazing. Levon Helm Studios has all the components to make a pleasant evening for their guests. Levon Helm Studios is located at 160 Plochmann Lane, Woodstock, NY. Hop on your computer and book tickets for one of the upcoming shows! When somebody takes a trip to a new place for the first time, it’s common that they are interested in exploring the areas and capturing grand views with their camera and by taking a hike on Hudson Valley’s own Overlook Mountain, you can! If you venture up the mountain, you will stumble upon some very intriguing parts of history. Such as a 1927 fire tower and what remains of an old hotel. When you walk up the overlook mountain, an amazing sightseeing experience is guaranteed!

If touring and musical performance isn’t for you and you dabble in learning about cultures, then the Karma Triyana Dharmachakra should be at the top of your list for places to see if you come down here. The KTD monastery is a temple filled to the brim with a rich history of Buddhism. The first world that will come to mind when describing this temple is that it is very quiet and serene. You’d be surprised by how fascinating and captivating learning about Buddhism really is. Not only will you be leaving the place feeling more educated about the subject, but you will also feel inspired. You can go to the Karma Triyana Dharmachakra on 335 Meads Mountain Rd, Woodstock, NY.

The town of Woodstock is so much more than just a huge part of the 1960s history. It’s an experience for anybody who comes across it. An adventure that has something for everyone to enjoy. With the fiftieth anniversary of the Woodstock festival being right around the corner, now is the perfect time to come and stay for a while to celebrate such a monumental part of American history. It’s an opportunity you definitely cannot just pass upon.

Feel free to add any tips or places we might have left out in the comment section below.

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