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Hudson Valley Whiskey...ain't just for the boyz!

Hudson Valley whiskey...ain't just for the boyz!

by guest blogger “JoJo Wanders Official"

I just want to go on record…gurls like barrel crafted, years aged liquid libations too! Round, multi-dimensional, smooth, deeply aromatic...a shot of heaven…straight up…neat or on the rocks …simply yum…whiskey! I’m not quite sure how long ago my curiosity with the caramel-colored spirit started but I think it had something to do with a serious no-carb intake strategy (I know…super girly!). See, I was quite the wine enthusiast and over time it was adding inches I no longer desired to hold onto…whiskey, bourbon, rye, brown liquors, and clear ones too, offered me the chance to challenge my developed palate while eliminating nasty empty carbs. And challenge it, it did!

Now before I get to how all this relates to Hudson Valley, let me give you a bit of background. My first ever whiskey tasting encounter was in Dublin (when in Ireland…) where I quickly learned the difference between Irish Whiskey and Scotch (Oh, be clear…there’s a difference…make no mistake about that!). It was a thoroughly intriguing encounter…the history...the process…the craft…the stories…it all lured me in, and I liked it…liked it all…a lot! The experience was nearly identical to my favorite grape type…carefully selected barrels, various vessel shapes and sizes, quality color, and viscosity… the very same things that define and showcase great wine. It was straight up my 5’oclock somewhere alley.

Now a few years later, my brown spirit relationship has taken a slight detour…it’s more about the local, small-batch kind…the bad boyz of spirits…and I looovvvee the bad boyz! There isn’t a road trip where I don’t search for “distilleries near me.” I seek out any chance to taste, talk up, and immerse myself in the spirit culture…twirling our Glencairn…me and my gal pals (there’s a clan of us!).

Hudson Valley is a gold mine for locally conceived, curated, and skillfully crafted whiskies, bourbons, and ryes that everyone alike will love.

From the North end of the river valley to the South, here’s what this gurl liked from Hudson Valley’s very own:


Taconic Distillery…Husband and wife owned. This place exudes hospitality, and the views are gram-worthy. Cozy up to their socially distanced friendly fire pit, sip on their a-m-a-z-i-n-g signature spirit “Double Barrell Maple Bourbon” …I loved it and took my good ol’ time here!

Best Enjoyed: Taconic’s version of Maple Bourbon Old Fashion

Gurl Note: They put their pup on their label (and on the side of their distillery) …just too adorbs. Real four-legged friends are welcomed too, so bring yours!


Coppersea Distilling…Mother earth-friendly. 100% of their organic grains are grown right in the Hudson Valley using a unique floor malting technique. Interesting…no? I definitely reco that you swirl, sniff, and taste their mouthwatering creations…all while seated at their rustic roadside tasting cabin…a little birdy told me the new “Excelsior” is a must-try.

Best Enjoyed: Fireside and neat!

Gurl Note: Just one word…slushy! Whisky…not rosé.


Denning’s Point Distillery…Gear up for an entertaining and educational exchange while experiencing its localness. Not only does it serve up mocktails and cocktails under one roof…dog tails are welcome too! Lucky for me, I got the chance to chat about their famous distiller and get all the dirt on his favs. I wanted them all but settled on their award-winning “Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey”!

Best Enjoyed: Give their “Stun Gun” cocktail a whirl!

Gurl Note: Love the look of their turquoise blue wax seals (Another girly observation…right?).


This just scratches the surface. There are plenty more locally conceived, Hudson Valley-loved for you to uncover along the way.

Until then…bottoms up gurlz and boyz!

Xo jojo

@jojowandersofficial on Instagram


Always ready to try any recommendation from jojowanders Gurl posey for a sip Anytime!

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