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Leaf Peepers: An Upstate Road Trip

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

It is often argued that Autumn is the best season of the four, and why wouldn’t it be? After a long-anticipated Summer vacation flies by, there is still so much more to look forward to during the Fall season. The weather drops down to a cooling and pleasant temperature, you have fun holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving that are just around the corner, and Autumn is simply just one of the best times to travel to some locations to take some really nice pictures of the area. So, don’t dwell on the fact that Summer has come to an end yet because there is still plenty of traveling to be done! Pack your things and buckle up because we’re taking a road trip to some of the best locations to go in the Hudson Valley during the Fall season! Here are some town suggestions for you to consider for the ultimate road-trip to make this Fall season!

Alright, I hope you didn’t forget anything because we’ve already out on the road! Today, I’m taking you to the two best locations for fall foliage in the entire Hudson Valley. Bear Mountain and Coldspring/ Right now, we’re on Route 9W North, and we’re headed to my personal favorite hiking area in the Hudson Valley. Alright, we’re here, welcome to the

! One of the most stunning hiking spots in the Hudson Valley with plenty of great scenery. The trail we will be taking is the one that takes you to the top of the mountain! Don’t worry, there’s a staircase to walk up on that will take us all the way to the top. But believe me, when I say, the views when we get up on that mountain are absolutely breathtaking. Your perfect daily dose of fall foliage. Another thing to love about this park is that it has several other activities to offer after you complete your hike. Such as a playing field, picnic areas, fishing at the lake, a swimming pool, a skating rink, a museum, and a zoo. With so much to do, you and your family can come here practically every season and still have a good time. Now, that we’ve finished our hike, let’s get something to eat! I’m feeling pizza, and what better place to go than

on 843 Rite 8W, Fort Montgomery, NY. It is a rustic pizza place with a whole lot of charm and some really great pizza.

That pizza hit the spot! But our trip is far from over, my friend! It’s time I take you to Cold Spring, but the only proper way to do that is to drive down 218, a necessity for photographers who are looking to get some great pictures of tree foliage. The 218 highway wasn’t enough for you? Then let me take you to

, you’ll be astounded by the spectacular views they have to offer. As a matter of fact, you could walk a whole three miles if you wanted to. Not to mention, it’s right in Fishkill so it’s in our direction. You aren’t going to want to take too many pictures though since you’ll want to save storage for our next destination, Coldspring, where will be spending the rest of the day at. So, hop in the car and let’s roll before we hit traffic! Welcome to the village of

! This beautiful village is perfect to come to if you ever need to come to someplace quiet. It is both very tame and lively at the same time. The buildings have this certain charm to them that you can’t even express through words. And with such a peaceful and nice village, nothing can get in your way from seeing the awesome Fall foliage it has to offer. We have a lot planned for today but first things first, we should grab a bite to eat, you’re probably starved. I heard about this well-received restaurant with great food, it’s called the

, it’s right over here on 1 Depot Square, Cold Spring, NY. Not only does it offer great food, but it also has an amazing atmosphere because it was once a train station. How cool is that? Some of the specials include but are not limited to, Rosemary Truffle Fries (truffle oil, parmesan, & fresh herbs served with garlic aioli), Lamb Al Pastor Tacos (Braised lamb, pineapple salsa, lime crema, fresh cilantro), and Pan Roasted Airline Chicken (Roasted artichoke hearts, rosemary-bacon jus, served with chorizo lentils). The Cold Spring Depot is open every day of the week from 11:30-8 PM.

Now, we’re ready to head to our next and final spot for the day,

. A park that is considered to have some of the best hiking trails in the Hudson Valley and it is guaranteed that you will see Mother Nature at its best when you hike the Hudson Highlands. If you have an interest in photography and taking pictures when the seasons change, I highly recommend you go to Hudson Highlands for the day. You can go there any day of the week you want. Trust me when I say, it’s worth it.

Man, am I exhausted. All the excitement and traveling sucked all the energy straight out of me, luckily, the

is right in our area on 124 Main St, Cold Spring, NY. A homey place to stay overnight with complimentary wi-fi, breakfast, and rooms with private bathrooms. Welp, I’ll see you at dawn, goodnight! That breakfast was amazing, wasn’t it? So good. Now, it’s just great to be back on the road and headed back home after a fun road-trip.

Except it’s not the end yet because I have a big surprise! I’m taking you for one more exhilarating hiking trip at

! One of the most popular hikes in the Hudson Valley. An exciting 4-mile trail full of unforgettable, beautiful views and a MUST for photographers who have an appreciation for the beauty of Mother Nature. It may be a steep hill but no worries, there are various white markers planted throughout the area to help guide us through when we climb, and you won’t regret a thing when we make it to the cliff overlook, it will leave your mouth hanging out. Then we have the option of either taking the red trail or the yellow trail, either one you take, you are bound to snap some great pictures! And look at that! We’re already off the mountain and back on the ground, that was both a relaxing and thrilling time we had, huh? We better head back to the car and get you home before the sun goes down.

Well, that concludes our envisioned road-trip, but it definitely can’t ever top the real experience and hopefully, after reading this, you are convinced to check out these places for yourself in the near future and make this Fall season a good one.


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