Hiking Inspo - Hudson Valley

Don’t you just want to escape your 500 square foot studio apartment, and venture into the great outdoors? The vast state of New York is often tucked behind the shadow of New York City, one of the world’s biggest metropolises. But did you know that NYC is less than 1% of New York State’s landmass? Yet 64% of the population lives in the city? That often leaves many of us New Yorkers hungry to get out of our tiny apartments and explore the beauty and natural wonders of our state which offers so many hidden gems! A quick bask in the beauty of the Hudson Valley is good for the soul, even if you love the hustle and bustle of New York City. Whether you’re an experienced hiker or seeking a kid-friendly hike, there’s something for you! All of these hikes are within a couple of hour’s drive of New York City, and some are even within walking distance from the MetroNorth and Amtrak train stops! So convert your Blundstone’s into hiking boots, get out your map, fill up your hydro flask, and get outdoors to hike!

Important Things to Know Before Planning Your Hike Near NYC

But first, some important things all hikers need to be aware of. This is especially helpful if you’ve just begun hiking in the outdoors (which understandably so many people are now).