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HVH's Unique Holiday Gift Ideas

THE countdown is on. The shopping days are numbered and the annual holiday buying frenzy is in full blown mayhem once again.

To help you find the best gifts made and sold locally, we at Hudson Valley Happenings have put together a super round-up of hot items for anyone’s list. Bread lovers to beef eaters, we have 'em covered. Teas to tinctures. Fire cider to sweet honey.

We picked through the best and found a shop stocked with vintage and sustainable new eclectic clothes and accessories for the fashionable. And for the adventurous, a website of fun, soft Tee's, hoodies and more that are made and celebrate our wonderful Hudson Valley.

Speaking of adventure, we even have a unique bicycle tour for the cyclists on your list.

Oh, we haven’t forgotten our furry babies either! We found a local family who makes limited ingredient dog treats and handcrafted toys. They even have reindeer antler chews!

Who knows, you may even buy a gift or two for yourself.

Here are a few of our favorites from the fruitful Hudson Valley! Shop on!


For Bread Lovers......

Our artisanal Bread Mix makes Sourdough made simple, we handle the complexities. This artisanal Bread Mix utilizes the power of Sourdough Starter and the most conscientious freshly milled flour on the market. Our packaging ensures the preservation of its fresh wheaty aroma and awaits your bread making attention to fill your home with its earthy tones. Just add water to this mix and scan the QR code on the back of the packaging to follow along as we turn this brick into bread together. This brick alongside our How-To video demystifies artisanal sourdough bread making and makes it fun for pro’s and novices alike.

Interested in a speak-easy style Sourdough Bread Pick-up model? Submit a form on our website under the Bread Locker Location Application and subscribe to our website. With enough interest we will set up an Artisanal Sourdough Bread Pick-up box in your town so share with other Sourdough appreciators in your area.

For Our Four Legged Friends....

Holiday shopping can get hectic sometimes, but whatever you do, don’t forget about your four legged friends this Holiday Season! Yearning Wild Treats & Chews has you covered with our limited ingredient dog treats, natural dog chews, and handcrafted rope dog toys! We are a small family business located in the beautiful Hudson Valley Region of New York State, and all of our dog treats are handmade with love right here in Putnam Valley! Our dogs treats are lab tested and registered with and approved for sale by the New York State Department of Agriculture. Our treats contain limited ingredients, some are single ingredient, and have no preservatives or additives.

We offer competitive pricing on quality elk and moose antler dog chews. All of our antler chews come from naturally shed antlers that are sourced in the USA from wild free range elk and moose. No animals are harmed in acquiring these antler chews. For the 2021 holiday season, we will also be offering a limited amount of REINDEER ANTLER CHEWS!!! These reindeer antler chews are also naturally shed and sourced in the USA from wild free range caribou.

In addition to our treats and chews, we also make handcrafted rope dog toys! Our dog toys are made with 1/2” cotton rope that is made in the USA from recycled cotton fibers that have been collected from around the world. These recycled cotton fibers were destined for landfills before being turned in to rope! Many of our rope toys feature natural chews such as elk antlers, elk hooves, and cow hooves!

Still not sure what to get the dog lovers in your life for the holidays? We’ve got you covered with our $50 holiday gift basket (over $60 value), or our $25 Christmas stocking (over $30 value), which both offer a little bit of everything! And don’t forget about our $10 fully functional treat jar Christmas tree ornament that comes filled with treats! We also have e-gift cards and physical gift cards available for purchase.

Yearning Wild Treats & Chews is proud to be New York State’s FIRST 2% for Conservation certified business! This means that every year we donate a bare minimum of 1% of our sales, and 1% of our time towards conservation causes. For 2021, we’ve pledged to donate 5% of our sales towards conservation!

Perfect For Tea & Tincture Lovers...

A tea lover’s delight, Heart and Kettle is your go to place for finding holistic herbal gifts. Cozy loose-leaf teas, health promoting tinctures, and immune system tonics can all be found amongst this season’s offerings. All our herbal products are organic, homemade blends that focus on tending to your body’s physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

The creation of Heart & Kettle was done with the purpose to provide our communities with reliable and financially accessible herbal wellness products. Doliah Francis, founder, owner, and certified herbalist of Heart and Kettle, creates high quality, organic goods with your wellness in mind. Along with one-on-one herbal health consultations and custom-made blends, here are some of this season’s best holiday gifts—

Organic Tea—All tea blends are organic, non-caffeinated, and come in loose-leaf tea tins. From

our 7 Chakra blends, to our Elemental blends, to the ones that simply just help the tummy,

Heart and Kettle truly does cater to every tea lover’s needs (and taste buds!). Not sure which

one to get? Create a custom tea sampler box! Sample boxes contain one cup servings of each tea you choose to include in your personal set. Create the perfect box set to gift your loved one—or you know, yourself—this holiday season!

Tinctures—Our tinctures hold a power blend of medicinal plants that bring nourishment and

vitality to the body. This season’s blends focus on four essential aspects to our body’s health:

stress management, sleep, digestion, and immune support. Support your body naturally and


Elderberry Syrup—Most people have heard by now about the amazing health benefits

elderberry can bring. This blend not only has organic elderberries, but a laundry list of other

immune supporting herbs such as chamomile, rose hips, and nettle. Add it into water, drizzle it over pancakes, or simply take it straight! Who said healthy couldn’t also be sweet and


Fire Cider—A tonic for those who want to add some spice to their life! Ignite your inner fire with this energizing, savory blend. Fire Cider holds an apple cider vinegar base, infused with a long list of herbs and vegetables, including onions, jalapeño, cayenne, and is sweetened with raw honey. This not only promotes great circulation, but also aids in inflammation and, of course, keeps the body happy and healthy (and warm!). Want to skip the spice but keep the benefits? Simply take this tonic in water instead of straight from the jar.

To see our full menu of products, place orders, or ask any questions, we can be found at or contacted through Instagram or Facebook at @heartandkettle.

For Meat Lovers......

Dirty Dog Farm raises 100% Grass-fed Beef in Germantown, NY. Our Grass-fed Beef Variety Bundles are our most popular item, and include a mix of premium steaks, roasts, all-beef sausage and ground beef, all dry-aged for exceptional quality and flavor. Our customers love discovering new cuts, and knowing that they are eating regenerative beef from a local source they can trust. With a range of sizes, our bundles are crafted to fit any diet or family size. All our products are available at We deliver to the lower Hudson Valley and ship throughout the Northeast.

Something Sweet....

Phoenicia Honey newest gift box is here, right in time for the holidays! It's a limited edition so get it while you can

Baked Apple Infused Honey

Does anything invoke the coziness of Fall weather more than the taste of baked apples? We infused it into our raw local honey for a taste that will take you back to your mom's kitchen after a day of apple picking.

Brandied Pecan Infused Honey

This one is a festive take on the flavors of pecan pie, with a hint of spirits that will warm your soul Drizzle it over vanilla ice cream for a winter treat!

Peppermint Stix Infused Honey - The quintessential taste of Christmas, the cool snap of peppermint brings holiday cheer to our raw Honey. First Aid - this healing blend is a must-have for your holistic healing toolbox. This product is so essential that we've added (by popular demand!) a new larger 15 oz jar! We infuse medicinal plants into our raw local honey to make a potent blend that will boost your immune system and nip a cold in the bud. To ensure potency, we infuse this stuff for over a week. First Aid is infused with: Ginger, Cinnamon, Lemon Balm, Elder Berries, Echinacea, Mullein Leaf, Comfrey Root, Burdock Root, Garlic, Lemon Peel and Turmeric. Something Vintage.....

Rock Candy Vintage, an eclectic little boutique located at 77 Main St in New Paltz, carries sustainable fair trade clothing, accessories and jewelry for all genders. It was created in the spring of 2018 with the purpose of bringing sustainable fashion at reasonable prices.

They specialize in true vintage denim and tees, but they also carry many other vintage items, and much work goes into each vintage piece, cleaning and repairing it to bring it back to it’s best possible life. The staff are very friendly, and very knowledgeable about vintage items and are always happy to share their knowledge to help make you a more savvy vintage shopper. Shopping for vintage clothing is a very personal experience, often many pieces are tried on before finding the perfect one, and the RCV team love to help you with that journey! If you want to shop for a gift for someone and aren’t sure of their size or what they may like, Rock Candy Vintage offers gift certificates too!

The shop also carries new sustainable clothing, jewelry and accessories. At RCV people are most important-from their customers to their staff, as well as every person who is involved in the production of an item. Fair trade, charitable giving and inclusivity is a major tenet of the shop, Many of the pieces come in sizes XS through 3X, and quite a number of the goods in the shop are made by exceptional local artists and vendors, making them unique and often one of a kind. A lot of the items also give back a share of profits to charitable causes such as women surviving domestic abuse, civil liberties, and animal rescue organizations, and the shop itself donates a percentage of its profits to a variety of causes.

For The Mountain Biker.......

Guided Gravel and Mountain Bike Rides in Cold Spring, NY and the Hudson Valley

Explore dirt roads, forest tracks, and forgotten byways of the Hudson Highlands on an unforgettable gravel or mountain bike adventure. We’ll take ancient roads and trails from the deepest point of the Hudson River to stunning overlooks atop the heart of the Appalachian mountain range, sampling some of the finest mixed-terrain riding the East has to offer.

We’ll create a route based on your level of experience and desired challenge. My knowledge as a daily rider in these mountains will take us to cut-throughs, overlooks, forested glens, and secret spots you won’t find on any map. I’ll also share my knowledge of the history and geology of the area, where humans have lived for millennia, and where the bedrock is over 1 billion years old. We’ll snack, drink and grin along the way.

Prices start at $150 for a day of riding. Gourmet sandwiches, snacks, and an alcoholic beverage are included.

I can’t wait to show you around my stomping grounds.

For Hand Selected Goodies.....

From a small town in Holland, by way of the Big Apple, we found our home and happiness in Catskill, NY. Our neighbors lovingly dubbed us “Citiots,” welcoming us into their home where our concept store, went from pipe dream to “wow, we’re really doing this!"

Citiot is one part co-working space, a splash of coffee shop, a dash of local goods, and a handful of European treasures on top. Our vibe is laid-back local. Our store is hand-selected goodies. We support makers, doers, artists, brewers, from around town and across the pond.

We’re lovingly local and undeniably European. Our shop can’t make up its mind, and we dig that. So, swing by and check us out. We don’t bite.

Citiot – 404 Main Street, Catskill, NY 12414

Cool Clothing Line......

At Wears This , the clothing represents the sophisticated Hudson Valley & Upstate explorer. Founders Larie Pidgeon & Shannon Olson wanted to create a clothing line that sparked the vibe and feel of the Valley they live in and love. For they themselves are explorers and needed a clothing line that matched their internal spirit.

The collection includes a variety of super soft tee’s, hoodies that offer superior comfort and hats in trucker and beanie styles. WEARS THIS is the home of Catskillin’ it, Valley Grl and Roam & Conquer brands. All designed and manufactured in UPSTATE New York, Hudson Valley region.

The explorer is always searching for a new adventure, yet perfectly satisfied in their current realm. This beautifully complex individual has deep roots in their community and a worldly outlook on life. Their desire for discovery leads to countless adventures. A lifestyle that is an inspiration to those around them, encouraging others to set off and see the world. Equal parts sacred and sensual, the realm they live in is well beyond the day to day living. They walk this earth with wide-eye wonder and appreciation for all things. Wildly fierce in their natural state, something that can’t be seen but rather experienced and felt.

Shop online at or visit one of the many Hudson Valley retail partners

Happy Holidays & Happy Shopping From Hudson Valley Happenings !


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