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Micro in SIZE, Mega in Nutrition

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that the unexpected can and will happen. We've had disruptions to our health and safety, our livelihoods, and our ability to connect as a community. For our neighbors who are food insecure, suddenly unemployed, caring

for young children and/or aging parents, especially those with underlying health issues, this “new normal” has brought more than just disruption. For these valued members of our community, the fear of hunger, homelessness, and lack of access to vital care is a daily reality.

But if there is one thing we all can count on in all of this chaos and uncertainty, it’s that we are not alone.

Community Action of Greene County (CAGC) is part of a network of more than 1,000 Community Action agencies nationwide, all working to eradicate the causes and consequences of poverty. CAGC serves thousands of meals from its food pantry, provides a hotline as well as shelters for victims of domestic abuse and home weatherization and emergency assistance for rent and utility payments, and serves local children through its back-to-school and holiday programs. They have also been working tirelessly to secure funding to assist Greene County residents in preventing, preparing for, and responding to COVID-19.

The Grow it Forward Greenhouse Project was incorporated in May of 2018 to provide CAGC with a much-needed revenue stream to supplement their government funding as well as provide year-round nutrition to the community via our delicious and nutritious microgreens. While they may be small, these greens pack a massive nutritional punch: at only two weeks old, our red cabbage microgreens contain the same amount of essential vitamins and minerals in just one (1) cup of greens as you find in two (2) WHOLE heads of mature red cabbage! Their flavor-packed greens can be enjoyed raw by themselves, as a garnish, juiced or in smoothies, tossed on top of a pizza or into a soup, even stir fry dishes. Just to name a few of the many, many recipe ideas out there! We use only organic seeds and organic potting soil and grow without the use of any pesticides.

Their little grow space sits within a charming little repurposed diner in Acra, at the base of the beautiful Catskill Mountains. Their shelves and lighting systems were built by hand with the help of local volunteers, and our Greenhouse Manager is a seasoned horticulturist with years of growing experience.

Please consider supporting your local community members while reaping the many benefits of our fresh, locally grown super-greens. You can find their greens on shelves at the Chatham Co-op and Philmont Co-op, or visit us in Acra on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday between 11 am - 2 pm and purchase them directly through our takeout window. Check out our social media pages as well: Grow it Forward Microgreens on Facebook and @gifgreenproject on Instagram!


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