Slice of the Valley! Some of our favorite Pizza Spots

NYC has always laid claim to having the best pizza around, but we think the Hudson Valley is starting to give them a run for their dough! Some of the best pizzaiolos from around the country have planted roots and set up shop in the Hudson Valley, much to our delight. There are so many varieties and styles of pizza here in the HV, it hard to decide where to start. From unique artisan pies using locally sourced ingredients, incredible smoky wood-fired slices, to your traditional pizza dishes with a hometown spin.

If you don't have a favorite pizza joint somewhere in the Hudson Valley yet, we're here to give you a hand. Check out some of our go-to spots to get our pizza fix, anytime we are nearby! Here's to pie in your eye!


Lolita's Pizza:

129 Washington St, Poughkeepsie, NY (845) 452-8100

The Hudson Valley often attracts visitors due to its compelling seasonal foliage however there is much more to the region such as incredible places to eat and the best is… Lolita’s. Inspired by authentic Italian cuisine all of our pizzas and pastas are made in house from scratch by our chefs coming primarily from the Culinary Institute of America. Our 12” pizza rounds are the perfect size to split or to keep all to yourself.

Our chefs are continuously coming up with new recipes to please the foodies and the curious including incorporating seasonal ingredients such as clams into our pizza specials. The menu is always changing ranging from a classic margarita to a carbonara pizza - topped with pancetta, garlic cream, egg and chives. Despite our adventurous menu, the classic Kale salad is what brings everyone back. We massage our kale to the perfect texture and top it with a lemon caesar dressing, breadcrumbs, parmesan and the secret ingredient - pistachios. This simple recipe will have you desperately trying to recreate it at home. With all of our delicious food options you must pair it with one of our cocktails handcrafted by our creative bartenders. Names like the “Extra Basic” and the “Post Watermalone” will have you trying all of the cocktails by the end of the night - of course without forgetting to make room for dessert. Our famous PB&J is a must try; combining homemade concord grape sorbet with a soft creamy peanut butter mouse to have you never judge the title again.

If you are in the mood for an attentive staff, a cozy outdoor patio and a staff that truly believes in its food than pay Lolita's a visit, we are more than happy to seat you.

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LOLA Pizza:

243 Fair St, Kingston, NY (845) 768-3624

LOLA Pizza is a modern take on the classic neighborhood pizza joint–where the focus is on fun and good vibes. Those good vibes extend to a year-round covered patio where you can enjoy cocktails, beer and wine + LOLA's full menu. It's a favorite gathering spot for locals–always a good sign. LOLA serves up some of the best housemade pizza and pasta–plus classic appetizers and salads you might find in New York's Little Italy. Their wood-fired pizza oven, the Acuno Napoli, was imported straight from the pizza gods in Naples, Italy. Even their cocktails, like the Cachi Negroni, focus on Italian spirits that might transport you to one of those breezy, relaxed bars in a grand hotel along the Italian Riviera. One can dream. The wine list leans toward natural and biodynamic, and the beer list leans toward fun and hoppy. While they won't divulge their pizza secrets, they do confirm the crust is sourdough. The Tiger Paw Pizza with Chili Honey and the Brisket Pizza are current customer favorites. And the pasta–Cacio e Pepe with housemade Spaghetti or housemade Mafaldine with Shrimp, Tomatoes, Asparagus and