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A Newburgh Food Tour. The best eats in Newburgh, NY

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

A Newburgh Food Tour

Everyone loves food especially us. We decided to hit up one of the most eclectic food towns in the Hudson valley. Newburgh? Yep you heard us correct, Newburgh is where its at right now for yummy delicious and diverse food. Don't believe us? Just wait till the end of this article, we will make you a believer.


It’s morning and you want nothing more than strong coffee, a fresh pastry, and some kind of protein that will fuel you through the day. Newburgh is not lacking for coffee shops, and right on Broadway is the famed 2 Alices Coffee Lounge, a hip coffee joint that serves hot drinks and a stellar mac and cheese. Just down the road, on Liberty Street, is the Newburgh Flour Shop. A chic, well-lit cafe, this place makes all its own breads, pastries, and desserts. Stop in for fantastic biscuits, fresh focaccia, and take your time perusing the french style tarts and entremets on display.

Shelter House Cafe

If you’re looking for a bit more of a hearty meal, the Shelter House Cafe at Downing Park is the perfect place for a great menu and a historic venue. Formerly a refuge for ice-skaters, the cafe opened last year to great fanfare, and the seasonal menus and lovely vista make it a perfect brunch spot. Local favorite Blacc Vanilla Lounge Cafe also merits inclusion, serving delicious southern-style items like collards and shrimp and grits at an affordable price. Blacc Vanilla also serves as an event space and community artist’s hub, and the style and charm of this quirky cafe make it a must-visit addition to any Newburgh food tour.


It might seem a little unusual, but lunch places are a big hit in Newburgh. With a significant working-class population, remote work on the upswing, and plenty of artists in the are many restaurants serve employees during their shifts and before they head off to work. This means that there are plenty of restaurants that close at five, have inexpensive lunch specials, large portions, and absolutely delicious food.

Petes Hot Dogs

Pete’s Hot Dogs is an institution in Newburgh and the Hudson Valley. This nearly nine-decades old restaurant business has been passed down generation to generation, and the longevity of the Dairy Bar style hot dog stand is entirely due to the amazing menu. With tons of add-ons and a low price, you can’t beat Pete’s. Tony’s Newburgh Lunch is another long-standing restaurant in Newburgh, this time right on the main Broadway drag. No frills but full of good, fast eats, it’s an easy stop with hot dogs that rival Pete’s. Try both to decide for yourself which hot dog joint is your favorite.

Another amazing platter-style restaurant is Danny’s. This one is a little further up Broadway, but it’s absolutely worth the trip. This Puerto Rican and Dominican-cuisine forward place serves amazing chicken, fried pork, and braised yuca, among others. A medium plate and a drink is less than twelve bucks. The food is fantastic and authentic, but asking for the hot sauce to top everything off is really what ensures Danny’s place on this list.

Hispanic Cuisine

The selection of Spanish, Carribean and Jamaican, and Central-to-Southern Hispanic cuisine in Newburgh is truly unmatched. There are so many incredible, authentic, family-run restaurants that are really serving up the best of latinx food in Newburgh. I have at least a dozen places for homestyle tacos, empanadas, and papusas, but here are some of my absolute faves.

Machu Pichu

First off, let’s go to Peru with Machu Pichu. This restaurant is incredibly delicious, has a full bar, and a dessert menu that you swear you’ll save room for. Without a doubt, the ceviche at Machu Pichu is some of the best in the area. With different styles and flavors, there’s a pick for every level of spice that you could imagine. Serving both Peruvian classics and reinterpreted favorites, there are no bad choices on this menu. (I recommend the Pollo al Ajillo, the aji sauce is sublime.)

Don Hugo’s is a traditional Spanish restaurant that locals and out-of-city foodies alike can’t get enough of. With a limited menu full of roasted chicken and braised pork, there’s not a single bad choice. The mix and match menu also allows you to create your own platter of food, serving the a la carte choices on a large, inviting platter. I did mention pupusas and the authentic, hole-in-the-wall El Salvadoreño is easy to miss but hard to forget. The pupusas are fresh and delicious, and you’ll find yourself craving them. It’s a common practice to call in an order of a dozen for pickup throughout the week.

Date Night

For date night or late night, Newburgh delivers top-notch fare on the waterfront and on Liberty Street. If you’re looking for a place with a view, check out Hudson Taco. A fun new restaurant with an enclosed back patio, this cross-cuisine, modern fusion taco joint gives you fun flavors and excellent margaritas, with or without the happy hour special.


On the opposite side of the city is Cosimo’s on Union Avenue, a restaurant specializing in northern Italian cuisine with a massive pizza menu and well known for their fresh pasta. A little on the pricy side, this is a place to go when you’re looking to enjoy a long meal with friends and family.

Mrs. Fairfax

Going down to Liberty Street again, we stop at Ms. Fairfax, a local’s haunt with an excellent bar selection and a small menu with excellent taste. My favorite, the fried cheese curds, is a guilty pleasure, but everyone should be allowed to indulge sometimes. Liberty Street Bistro, on the next block over, has just expanded into a larger space, which means you can choose between the cozy bar and lounge or the elegant dining room. The menu is a seasonal prix fixe selection which is always changing. The wine menu is exceptional, and the servers come prepared with recommendations for every dish. Not to mention with the special happy hours for $1 Oysters, this is a perfect restaurant to go for an impressive meal or a celebration dinner.


Local Flavor

There are so many more restaurants and venues in Newburgh, and I’ve really only touched the surface of the culinary adventure you could have in this up and coming city. In addition to the waterfront dining and hot dog joints, there are a few other places where I have had an incredible meal. Fish and Chikzz is another small-menu restaurant off the beaten path. It only does fried food, but it is exceptionally delicious and well-made. There’s a large Jamaican presence in Newburgh and the Steamfish Lounge showcases some of the hearty meals and dishes that the island nation is known for. Authentic and inexpensive, Steamfish is perfect for a quick lunch bite. Finally, on Liberty Street again, Seoul Kitchen is a one-woman showcase of culinary talent and kindness. With handmade kimchi dumplings, fantastic late-night ramen specials, and bulgogi so good you’ll order it twice, this restaurant leads the Korean cuisine scene in the area.

So as you can see there is a little something for everyone. Do yourself a favor and go on your very own Newburgh Food Tour with some friends, we have provided a map below to help you along the way.

Happy Eating!

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