Guide to Phoenicia, NY:

Updated: May 25, 2021

Guide to Phoenicia, NY: Things to see, eat, stay at, and enjoy…some so good and others so cool.


Reminiscent of a scene depicted on a vintage “wish-you-were-here” postcard, Phoenicia, New York is a wee hamlet (more on this in a min) I nearly missed. Comprised of an eclectic collection of “wander”-ful, Phoenicia is nestled between three significant ski-with-me

mountains in the Catskill Mountain Reserve of the Hudson Valley. Most “city” dwellers and neighbors alike typically take the short two-three-hour trek upstate once the temperatures start to rise to summer degrees…that time of year when the area is said to burst at its seams with a variety of different forms of nature loving activities water tubing, hiking and biking, picnicking, or simply lazy afternoon Sunday drivin’. It’s definitely an outdoorsy type of place.

Probably largely due to its easy to navigate, pup-friendly trails, fresh cool rushing river ways, and yes, hash taggable landscape views. But being the curious, unconventional type that I am…we are, I…we opted to explore the talked about hamlet slightly off-season…a time

when the fresh clean air is still a bit chillier, crystally snow can still blanket the area, and even blue-sky moments beg us to still layer up and cozy up! There’s much to see and do even this off time of year…think yum tummy food, “I-deserve-this” selfcare moments, and my all-time fav…blazing golden yellow fiery pits at-the-ready any time of the day...or year.


The actual center of Phoenicia is but a few streets long and wide and it’s logged as a bona fide hamlet. Hamlet? When was the last time you heard that term? For those inquiring minds, it’s a regional area, not quite a village or town and definitely not an I-have-no-time-for-you city. As I stood in front of the local general store, I almost believed my extended arms were able to reach either end of main street. There’s “cool-to-be-small” charm here. Just as I entered its edge, I was greeted by an over-sized, brightly colored “Welcome to Phoenicia” marker proudly announcing its presence. Normally, I don’t take stills of “Welcome to’s” but this one, standing artfully just steps off the rush of cars, felt as though it begged me to click my mobile cam.