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"Season of Enchantment: Spillian's Winter Imaginarium Adventures"

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

Welcome to Spillian's Winter Imaginarium, where the ordinary gives way to the extraordinary, and every weekend is a new adventure waiting to unfold. This season, we invite you to step into a world where time slows down, allowing you to savor every moment of magic and merriment. From the whimsical to the wondrous, each of our five uniquely themed weekends offers an escape into a realm of fantasy and fun. Whether you're seeking laughter, romance, thrills, or just a cozy corner by the fire, Spillian's Winter Imaginarium is your gateway to an unforgettable winter experience. Join us as we unveil the magic of each weekend, crafted to delight, inspire, and surprise.


Reveler’s Rubato: Steal a Night Away at Spillian

Saturday, December 16, 2023

The Dinner: A Reveler’s Rubato Feast

Make an evening or a weekend of it!

Special cocktails and a chance to be a taste-tester for some new retail food offerings we’re developing, followed by an intimate chef’s dinner at Spillian’s grand table on Saturday evening. Linger afterwards and enjoy the fire. And perhaps play a holiday tune or two on our antique Steinway…

Ridiculous reveling, fine feasting, music and games, snow and firelight, with an overnight stay in one of our whimsical rooms and a light breakfast featuring our famous house-made bagels to send you on your way in the morning.

Check-in at noon on Saturday so you can savor the day’s adventures.

The Spillian Permission Slip:

We only have two basic rules at Spillian: 1) there is no inherent dignity and 2) there are no calories. As such, you’re invited to unfold as far into the adventure as you like. Feel like hanging by the fire, sipping Spillian’s new herbal Cat’s Love Tea or nursing a whiskey? Or hiding under the covers in your room and reading the book you’ve been yearning to get to? We’ll give you your very own permission slip so you can formally grant yourself the freedom to do exactly what you’d like all afternoon.)

The Hallowed Haggis: A Robert Burns Celebration January 20, 2024

Channel your inner Scot at a lovingly irreverent celebration of poet Robbie Burns.

A seriously silly celebration of the words and song of the Ploughman Poet, Robert Burns. Indulge your whimsy, and join in the revelry as we enjoy the smoky taste of great whiskey, the play of candlelight against silver, the wail of the bagpipes, the Spillian Haggis Games, and a great feast… Hilarity will ensue.

January 27

A winter festival for misfits

A most excellent winter fest, led by the legendary licensed outdoor guide Will Soter, who knows the Catskills with a rich and delightful intimacy. We’ll compete with fire and fire water, play in the snow, explore Spillian’s forests, pitch our mixologist skills in a drink-making contest, feast on a dinner worthy of the forest king, and wind up the evening with bonfires and s’mores in Spillian’s meadow.

February 10

A Bohemian Valentine’s Ball

As the Green Fairy presides at a Bohemian celebration of love, come wanderers, vagabonds, and adventurers…and come as your favorite bohemian! Think Monmartre in Paris, think Plaff’s Beer Cellar in Manhattan, think the early days of the Bohemian Grove in Sonoma County… Artists, writers, and defiers of convention all. There will be dining. There will be dancing. There will be sparks and sparkles of romance. Wit and wonder. Along with really bad puns. And not a cherub in sight. With fantastic live music from The Lucky 5, hard-swinging jazz band that blends 30’s and 40’s style swing with gypsy and Parisian flavors.

february 24

A celebration of the horror-filled Catskills

With Werewolves Within director Josh Ruben & friends

Embrace the true horrors of winter on a weekend dedicated to scaring you silly. We’ll start the afternoon with a virtual escape room game, savor werewolf-inspired feasting and drink, and top the evening off with a genius of scares and laughter mash-ups. between scares and laughter. The acclaimed horror-comedy movie Werewolves Within was filmed on location at Spillian, and director, writer, comedian, and all-around camp horror genius and Woodstock native Josh Ruben will be joining us along with friends to introduce his work on screen, on paper, and the Catskills as the epicenter of uncanny films. See the movie that stars Spillian and learn where the bodies are hidden…


As the final notes of our Winter Imaginarium fade away, we hope you carry with you memories of laughter, wonder, and the warmth of shared experiences. Spillian's winter adventures are more than just events; they are invitations to step into a world where imagination reigns supreme, and every moment is a celebration of the season's joy. Whether you danced under the stars, shared stories by the fire, or found new friends in unexpected places, we hope your time at Spillian has rekindled your spirit and filled your heart with the magic of winter. Until next season, keep the spirit of adventure alive, and remember, the doors to Spillian's world of enchantment are always open for you.

Ps Go to @hudsonvalleyhappenings to enter the "Choose Your Adventure" Giveaway


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