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Sexy to Unusual: Hudson Valleys Valentine’s Day Gifts You’ll Both Love!

“All you need is love” sang the Beatles. But Charles Schultz added … “a little chocolate never hurt”.

And, let us at Hudson Valley Happenings expand on that just a tad more. Don’t just go for the usual box of candy, silly card, bouquet of flowers or boxer shorts covered with hearts. Show your squeeze some super love this Valentine’s Day.

Pour on some silky red wine… Folkways Wines in Croton Falls will not only pick out the perfect red (or two) for you but also has some really creative gift baskets, like Parks & Recreation that includes two bottles of wine, a carrier with cooler insert for the outdoorsy types.

Book a sexy massage for two… or even more exotic… a float! Soak away your stress, at Zephyr Floats in Kingston. Or have a relaxing couples massage at Pellegrino Healing Center.

A romantic dinner…Woodstock Private Chef Zachary Berger will create an intimate indulgence for two. Or, learn a few of his kitchen tricks. Take his cooking class together!

The Hudson Valley has so many offerings to light your fire. Our HVH team found these sweet treats to get you smothered in kisses!


Give the gift of self-care and self-love to someone YOU love! On Sunday, February 19 the

Pellegrino Healing Center is honoring the season of love and hosting their first ever Love +

Wellness Retreat – a full day self-care retreat that celebrates the most important love of all: self-love. PHC’s world-class staff of acupuncturists, massage therapists, healers, and nutritionists will be on site to guide participants through their individualized self-care itinerary of therapeutic treatments, guided meditations, and workshops. Lunch provided by @Riverandpost_ny

Led by Pellegrino Healing Center Founder, Christine Pellegrino, The Love + Wellness Retreat is founded on the belief that self-love is self-care. In Christine’s words, “The importance of self-care and self-love is so often overlooked and most people do not take the time they need to care for themselves and make sure their own cup is full before giving to others. I look at this retreat as a day to reset, renew, and receive tips and guidance on how to practice self-care and, in turn, self-love amidst the busyness of everyday life.” Participants will leave the retreat armed with a new perspective on self love and actionable ways to continue their practice of self-care – an invaluable gift that keeps on giving.

Because PHC aims to provide highly-personalized individual care, space for The Love +

Wellness Retreat is limited. Register today to secure your spot or give the gift of self-care to

someone you love! Purchase by January 26 and receive $50 towards a future PHC


About Christine Pellegrino and the Pellegrino Healing Center: The Pellegrino Healing

Center was founded by Christine Pellegrino, M.S., L.Ac with the aspiration to treat, heal, uplift, and help individuals navigate the path too healing. She received her Master of Science in Acupuncture from the Eastern School of Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine and has an extensive background in healthcare and alternative medicine. Christine has an intuitive approach to healing and addresses the entire person in order to get to the root of their specific needs – she understands that every body is unique and employs specific techniques to create a tailored healing experience and identify the best treatment modalities for each patient.

Christine has spent years building and expanding the Pellegrino Healing Center in order to

elevate the healing experience for everyone who walks through her door. She has assembled

an incredible team of licensed clinicians and healing practitioners all certified in the latest holistic healthcare practices so they can deliver cutting edge care to their patients. Their diverse specializations allow PHC to offer an extensive list of treatments and services including -

● Acupuncture

● Integrative Medicine Consultations and Coaching

● Healing Skin Care

● Herbal Medicine

● Intuitive Energy Healing

● Massage Therapy

● Meditation and Breath work

● Nutrition Counseling

● Ozone Therapy

● IV Vitamin infusions

● Sauna Experiences


In honor of Valentine's Day at Moonlight Sanctuary we are offering the gift of private sound ceremonies uniquely designed for couples led by myself, Jessica Allen and my partner Ky Soto. Sound naturally brings us together in a unifying field of resonance. Through intention, heart clearing and deep receiving you’ll settle into the living field of love. In this private sound ceremony for you and your partner you’ll have the opportunity to set an intention for your relationship and expansion of your love. You’ll receive a blessing and special sound journey weaving your hearts together in a shared healing experience that will bring you even closer.

Moonlight Sanctuary is both a cultivation and continuation of my life's work. I have, from the very beginning been drawn to spirit, the psychic substance which permeates all. I have always sought to know the mystic reality and from a young age knew I would devote my life to the path of heart. Yoga found me in my late teens and offered a language to much of my experience. I began teaching in my mid twenties and since then my healing path has taken me down a serpentine road of modalities and forms of practice.

The name Moonlight Sanctuary came to me under a starry Grecian night sky on the island of Kythnos. I nurtured this name and vision for three years before birthing her to being. The vision for the center was always yin in nature. It is a place too deeply restore the body, heart and mind through sound, ceremonies, moon circles, restorative and yin yoga. It is here to serve as an oasis of remembrance and connection.

Moonlight Sanctuary is an ode to the Moon. She is here to uplift the feminine frequencies on this planet and to remind us all of the power of the feminine which is to heal, to bring together and to sustain life. I dream above all that those who walk through the doors of Moonlight feel a full body exhale. That their nervous systems settle and that they have the opportunity to continuously meet themselves on deep levels, listen to the heart and feel an increasing sense of belonging within this world.

Sound healing is expressing itself as the healing of the future. We are ready to take our awareness into subtler realms and since ancient times sound has been used for just that. When we are in tune, vibrating at our optimal resonance that which is true is easy to access. Through sound journeys we are able to pause, reset the nervous system and align ourselves with that optimal resonance and omnipresent truth.

Ky and I are partners in life and the healing arts. We create spaces held with integrity allowing for deep healing to unfold. Our special sound ceremony is available to gift and book for a future time. We will have a few openings on Valentines Day! Visit our website to learn more and join us in the sacred space. We

look forward to seeing you! CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE


Folkways explores the art and culture of drinking through wine, spirits, and objects that evolve existing rituals and inspire new ones.

Our wine and spirits curation is guided by the desire for discovery: We highlight atypical regions, grape varieties, and styles of wine, focusing on diverse, naturally driven vintages, conscientious winemakers, and small production vineyards. Our similarly varied, considered objects range from handcrafted vessels and refined stemware to unusual homewares and conversation-prompting publications from around the world.

Whether it’s the artists who transform vines into the wine we sip, the artisans who craft the cups we clink, or the individuals who shape the places and ways we gather to share a glass, we strive to celebrate and cultivate community in our store and through our offerings.

Folkways is located in Northern Westchester in the 1917 landmark train station building of Croton Falls, New York, and founded by husband-and-wife team Jonas Andersen and Natalie Marie Gehrels, with wine and spirits curated and described by Amanda Smeltz.


For Valentine's Day we will feature a Folkways "Love Gift Shop", a gift guide for wine, food and design lovers alike.

With every gift purchase we will include a complimentary mini flower bouquet tied to each bottle neck for orders placed from 2/8 - 2/14 in-store or online for local or national delivery. For national shipments get your orders in by 2/8.

For the local Hudson Valley and Westchester foodies who want to impress their lover with a home cooked meal come by the store on Saturday 2/11 from 11-1pm to stock up on wine to pair with fresh fish, scallops, oysters with our pop-up fish market by Montauk Catch Club on the patio.

Featured Sparkling with Mini Flower Bouquet

(Image: Folkways-Wines-BenjaminAllen@hudvalleyphoto-10092.jpg)

Bois-Brinçon Crémant de Loire Brut Nature 2018

This Crémant is a blend of 90% Chenin Blanc and 10% Pineau d'Aunis; these grapes are pressed slowly and gently in a pneumatic press, then fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks. Second fermentation occurs in bottle, so this wine is made in the traditional or Champange method, and this ferment is kickstarted with grape must. Finally, the wine is finished with no added dosage—so it's quite dry. This is a raw and vinous Crémant with elegant bubbles, a superior analogue to Champagne, fantastic with fish crudo and lighter styles of soups.


It may not be obvious, at first glance, what wellness has to do with love and relationships. But it has everything to do with it! The truth is, we are at our best in our relationships when we feel well, when we have energy, when we’re relaxed and open. Think back to a time you really felt great—calm, relaxed, open, optimistic. What kind of partner were you? How easy was it to be kind? To be generous? To be thoughtful or forgiving?

Life can be so stressful. I mean, right? If it’s not work or taking care of the family, we’re

constantly inundated with the overwhelming problems of the world. It can be so hard not to feel weighed down by everything life throws at us, to find that place of resilience inside of us.

And that stress sometimes makes it harder to be loving with the person we are walking the

journey of our life with. We get cranky, sometimes snippy, maybe we shut down a bit. And often it’s the people we’re closest with who take the brunt of our stress (and vice versa!).

But when we are well, when we feel good in our bodies and our thoughts are calm and joyful, we bring our best selves to our relationships, and that is the best possible gift we could give. So we have to take care of ourselves! And the people we love.

That’s where we come in. Origin Wellness is the Hudson Valley’s premiere wellness center,

offering over 20 touch-free services to help you relax, rejuvenate, and feel whole. Three-time

winner of the Chronogram Reader’s Choice Awards (the Chronogrammies!), we use sustainable, technology-based treatments that harness natural forces to promote physical and mental wellness.

Our services include Cryo therapy (for muscle recovery, pain and inflammation), far infrared

treatments (for relaxation and inflammation), air compression massage, red light therapy, EMS, and so much more! Check out a complete list and description of our services at

our website.

This Valentine’s Day week (February 11th -18th ), when you buy a 3-service pack for yourself, get one for your partner at 50% off when you book as a couple. That’s a $50 value! Your “couple”can be you and anyone you love. Just mention the “Love Is in the Air” promotion.

We also offer gift cards, which is a beautiful way to tell the one you love that you want to take care of them.

Give the gift of your best self to the one you love this Valentine’s Day.


Zephyr Float Olga Schoonmaker, opened shop in 2016 with her husband Ryan.

They are deeply committed to creating a sense of community and well being with their clients and neighbors, by providing a healthy, relaxing and beneficial service to all those who enter their doors.

Zephyr Float exists to provide a scientifically proven method to reduce the power of stress over the human body, alleviate chronic pain and better oneself through introspective learning in an accessible manner to all those who seek it.

Our day to day lives are filled with information overload. Our brains are constantly busy processing new information, which is exhausting. Floating provides an environment where your brain is free from external stimuli and your body is free from the effects of gravity. This delivers immense benefits from temporary chronic pain relief, shortened muscle recovery time to even longer lasting anxiety relief.

“There’s a thousand pounds of salt in there. More salt than water, It’s like the Dead Sea.” Your mind settles. Your back eases. Your body floats. Complete Bliss!

Zephyr Float offers services and packages for new and experienced floaters alike, including on-site and mobile massages before or after your float, as well as specials to promote the Floating Community here in Kingston.

The perfect Valentines gift for someone you love......


“Hire a private chef for the person or people you love! All valentines week bookings are now open with Chef Zach Berger. Offering 2 person in home high end private dining or couples private dinner parties all week, Chef Zach Berger will create a menu with you focusing on fresh & local ingredients from Hudson Valley farms and makers to truly give you a culinary experience using his travel experience to create dishes sharing culture while playing homage to home. For bookings and details email and make sure to follow @food_master_flex!”


LILYSH is an eco-friendly floral studio located in Newburgh NY, specializing in creating effortless and artful floral design for events as well as providing local pickup and delivery of unique flowers.

For St. Valentine's Day, the studio is offering three different sizes of special arrangements to choose from - Small, Medium, Large. Created using premium flowers with a contemporary aesthetic in mind they come in three mono color options which include red, pink, and white perfect for expressing your love and affection.

There will be a limited quantity available. All arrangements are available for pre-order to secure the flower availability.

Large mono-colored arrangement will include approximately 25 stems of luxury flowers, such as ranunculus, butterfly ranunculus, doubled tulips and others.

Medium size arrangements will include approximately 15 stems of luxury flowers, such as ranunculus, butterfly ranunculus, doubled tulips and others.

Small size arrangements will include approximately 10 stems of luxury flowers, such as ranunculus, butterfly ranunculus, doubled tulips and others.

Additionally, Lilysh studio always has their multicolor designer’s choice arrangements available for those who want your gift to be a bit of surprise. Each of our arrangements is expertly crafted by the lead florist, using only the freshest and highest quality flowers. All the arrangements will be packed with recyclable paper and tied with a silk ribbon. Recycled glass vases or ceramic vases will be available to choose from. Lilysh floral studio never uses floral foam or plastic to package their flowers. Whether you're looking for a small elegant bouquet or an elaborate centerpiece, they have it available for you.

How to order?

- Simply add the arrangement to cart for free local pick-up in the town of Newburgh

- Add local delivery option ($15 charge) if you’d like your flowers delivered locally within 30 miles of Newburgh

- Choose your date and time for delivery or pickup

- Add a special note and they will hand write it on a card

Please note that the images are provided for size reference only, the actual bouquets may vary as each arrangement is one of a kind.

If you have any questions or a special flower request you can email Lilysh at

Lilysh floral studio is looking forward to making your day extra special.


Kate's Candid Cocktails Roses are red, violets are blue, we have the perfect valentines day gift for you.

Kate is not your typical bartender, she’s a mixologist with an emphasis on creating unique and eye-catching cocktails. After attending three colleges and changing her major seven times she landed with a degree in hospitality. Unsure of what to do with that degree she was given a position as a bartender four years ago and ran with it. From “The Essential New York Times Book of Cocktails” to “The Bartender’s Manifesto” and idols like Anthony Bourdain and Danny Meyer, Kate has dug deep into the cocktail world hungry for more and more ways to “wow” people behind the bar.

This Valentine’s Day YOU get to do the wowing with her at home cocktail gift sets. With five different cocktails to choose from you get to play mixologist in the comfort of your home. Each bag contains your cocktail’s recipe card, a cocktail shaker, a stainless steel cocktail garnish skewer, specialty syrups/mixers, novelty garnishes and a vintage cocktail glass. The cocktails you can choose from are :

  • Black Cherry Manhattan - Bourbon/Rye Base

  • With Love, From Paris - Vodka Base

  • Campfire Kiss - Bourbon Base

  • Strawberry Smooches - Vodka Base

Not feeling the love this year? No problem! She’s even curated a cocktail called “ Ghosted & Alona Poloma” ( tequila base) complete with black heart candies and tissues.

Really want to WOW your significant other?! Ask about her custom “ Love Potions” where she curates a cocktail to your specific tastes based off of a questionnaire she has designed leaving your person feeling very special with their one of a kind gift.

As a mixologist Kate doesn’t just shake it up behind the bar but she also works behind the scenes with some of your favorite local restaurants, bars, and event planners. With wedding season around the corner she is hard at work designing the perfect signature cocktails for all you Hudson Valley couples. Kate works hard to understand the couple’s interests, their vision, and what makes them, them, for a truly memorable cocktail.

Kate can be found behind the bar at Nu Cavu, a Hudson Valley gem come this spring where she has an exciting new menu to release.


Hang Gliding over the Hudson Valley Take a Tandem Hang Gliding Flight Over the Hudson Valley During a 20 Minute Intro Flight

Experience the thrill of a Tandem Hang Gliding Flight over the beautiful Hudson Valley. During this New York “hands-on” flight, you will be towed 2, 500 feet above the ground!

The excitement begins when you meet your experienced Hang Gliding Instructor less than an hour from Manhattan, where you will arrive at launch pad near Randall Airport. There you will learn the basics of hang gliding, and then it's time to fly! Soar above the ground with a 'USPHA' rated tandem instructor at your side. During the 15 to 30 minute flight, you will learn basic flight controls, right of way rules, soaring techniques, and the landing approach into the airport. This is an amazing airborne adventure you will never forget!

Whether you are looking to begin a new hobby or you are simply looking to try it, you’ll be able to say you've soared after this Hang Gliding Experience over the Hudson Valley!

Middletown, 917.270.5669


TAKE A COOKING CLASS AT THE CIA The moment you step on the CIA campus you’ll catch culinary fever! The best medicine—cooking and baking in our kitchens. Take a class at our main campus—where CIA Boot Camps were born—for a special opportunity to work with the freshest Hudson Valley produce and local products with expert instructors.


With one of these special pressies, this just might be the Day of Romance that turns your handy man into a smooth operator or your lovely lass into a spicy Senorita! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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